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Happily Ever After is baaaack!

We have new folks, and we CAN’T WAIT to review, talk about, laugh about, perv about, more books!

Click here for the madness!

Hey Nicole, Whatcha Doing Now?



I’m trying my hand at cover making, because I wanted to give folks a little something extra to go with this year’s GR MMRomance story!  This is a roughish version, but I like it.

Now to write the story. 

In two weeks.

Hey, Nicole, whatcha doin’?



This may not look like much, but I wanted to make something unique for GRL this year.  And since I know my way around needles and yarn, I decided that bookmarks were the way to go.  The finished one isn’t blocked yet, but it’s one out of the six I made last week. At that rate, I should have plenty by October, yeah?

Edits and Stuff

I’ve realized that my method of editing my own stuff is super weird.  I opened Little Earthquakes up and started going through it with changes tracked.

It has been months since I looked at it, and oh boy did it need work.  Words I didn’t realize I’d fucked up, entire sentences that needed switching around.  It wasn’t as pretty as I thought it would be.

So, new policy at Casa de Forcine; finish a draft, edit it to the best of my ability, then sit on it for a month.  Maybe two.

*puts on waders, dives back into manuscript*

Oh, and if you’re hungry for a little snack, Ollie’s Jock is still available to tide you off!