Monthly Archives: April 2013

Writing Blitz Rundown 4/28/2013

No cast = nearly 5,000 words today!  I’m happy dancing all over the place.

And what’s better, my partner got me a little tablet, so that means I can work on at least one of my stories while on the bus.  Don’t worry, I won’t be doing Writing Blitz Rundowns for each commute.  I’ll be sending Smoky Glimpses along to the M/M Romance Group, since it’s only about 7,000 words, editing should be a snap!

Writing Blitz Rundown 4/21/2013

My LHNB story is now called Smokey Glimpses and it’s ready to be sent for editing.  I’m kinda excited, since it’s a freebie and all.

Riptide had a call for discovery stories with a college setting and I’ll be damned if a story didn’t burrow itself into my brain.  Not a standard m/m story, though both MCs are male, but I’ve been very, very interested in seeing how a love story between two asexual men would work.  There would be a lot of misunderstanding between them and dealing with others misunderstanding their relationship and I can’t wait to start!

I have a couple of goals for the year, another novel-sized contract being one of them, two more submission calls, and finishing Little Earthquakes (my freebie on FictionPress).

One big goal is something on the fan-side of my brain, a virtual book club using Google Plus.  I wanted to talk and commensurate and gab with other M/M fans, and so I had this idea of using Hangout to do that and posting them on YouTube.  I have some interested folk, so we’ll see how that works out.

Oops, I’ve missed a week

Well, not really.  I did write a bit last week.   I did spend most of the weekend at a skeptical conference, sitting and listening and having dinner with some skpetical bloggers who I admire like whoa.

So, in apology, I got a lot done.  I’m going to postpone work on All I Ever Wanted for a little while.  I’m running out of steam with ideas and those ideas keep changing and as much as I love me some Patch (and I hope when you read This Little Whatever you’ll love him too), I need to get some of my post contract mojo back.  So, hopefully this summer I’ll get back on it.

In the meantime, I’m sending all my Love Has No Boundaries ficlet to Goodreads and I’m still parting off Little Earthquakes in chapters on FictionPress, and I’ve been converting some of my old novels that I want to edit and work on and hopefully release from yWriter to Scrivener.

Also, I’ve now got a Google Plus page with a nefarious plan to be announced later…