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GRL Videos of….me?!



So, while I was in Atlanta, I had two cameras that were busy: one aimed at a whole bunch of beloved authors (those I’m working my way through edits, I promise to post them here all at once!), and the other was aimed at…myself.


Now, don’t be fooled; being on vid terrifies me.  It’s weird, for doing a twice monthly review show on Google Hangout and proposing those interviews.   I guess those were easy, since I had people to bounce off of.  But one of just me, yapping about my first time experience at such an amazing experience.  It sounds self-indulgent and a little silly.


But I did it anyway.  It was processing each day, morning and afternoon.  I got to gush a little.  I got teary a little.  And you know what?  I posted them to YouTube.


I’m not as charming, but here’s the link!

WIP Friday: “Little Secret”

That title is more of a WIP than this story.  Sounds really dumb, yeah.  But I’m working on a short that I started at GRL that features one of my own little kinks, a twink top.  There’s something so hot about the little guy taking charge.  So…here’s a taste.

WARNING: It’s really, very raw

Oliver gave him a disdainful look and put the cup back on the table. “This place needs some decent booze. It’s like everything here is made for vomiting back up in a couple of hours.”

Larry shrugged, trying to look cool. “Hey, it’s a college party. They probably didn’t have Grey Goose in the budget.”

Oliver’s lips pursed for a few seconds before a fleeting smile crossed them. “Okay, you may have a point.”

“Where did your friends go?”

“To wait in line for a bathroom. The Coors Light apparently went right through them.”

“You know, I just wanted to say…you know…thanks for the help…with class. Got a B on the final.”

“Come on , Lawrence, you’ve thanked me quite enough. Of course you were going to pass.”

Larry’s pulse skipped a little at the use of his formal name.  No one but his grandfather called him Lawrence anymore, but when Oliver used it, it reminded him of way more than oatmeal cookies and kisses on his cheek.

Depends on which cheek you’re talking about, he thought.

“I’m just saying, you didn’t have to.” Now Larry knew he was blushing and hoped like hell no one else noticed.

Oliver did, he always did, and his smile grew broad and sexy and made it all worse. “Are you questioning my judgement, Lawrence?”

There was an edge with that smile, one that made Larry want to drop to his knees.  This was the tutor he was so drawn to.  His little secret.

He quickly shook his head, “No, no.  It’s not like I’m not grateful and…shit.”

That was when Oliver became kind and merciful, touching his shoulder as if the gesture cost him nothing.  As if touching a jock at a college mixer cost him nothing.  But that touch was like a blessing. 
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Post GRL Report

Oh my Floyd.

You guys.

GRL was awesome!!!  It was so much fun and so much to do and I’m exhausted and sick and very, very happy I went!


I attended as a reader this year, but I did get this lovely moment:



Yup, that’s me.  Yup, that’s a copy of This Little Whatever I’m signing.  Man, what a moment, I felt like such a dork roaming in the book sales room, taking a photo of my book like a proud parent looking through a window at a maternity ward at their little one.  Do they even do that anymore?  I dunno.  But it was awesome.


The best part about GRL is meeting some of my favorite authors and not just meeting but getting to hang out and chat with them.




Aleksandr Voinov and L.A. Witt, who are hysterical in the same room (seriously, guys, if you haven’t picked up any of the Market Garden series by these two, you’re missing out!). Every time the little muscle in my eye twitches due to way too much caffeine, I’ll think of these two characters.




The ever awesome Amy Lane, moments after she was gifted a cute knitted two headed frog by the ever crafty and purple haired Vanessa North.  It make Amy squeal and that was really cool and now I want a Cal and Catherine of my very own.




I’m sure the M/M-o-sphere exploded with the news that TJ Kline and Eric Arvin are engaged!  Yay!! They were so sweet and adorable and I wish them all the happiness in the world.




Eee! Did I mention I’m a ‘minion’, a fan of Abigail Roux?  Because this picture was almost another highlight of my weekend.




So, there was a costume party Saturday night, so I dressed up as a sorta gender swapped Jonathan, i.e. like a bellydancer.  And I remembered most of my moves from the class I took as “research” too.  The lovely lady giving me a smooth is the lovely Heidi Belleau and honeys, if you’re not reading her Rear Entrance series, what are you doing here reading this mess?  Go!




Well, I suppose “Damon” is the perfect name for this “horny” fellow.  Yep, this is the absolutely devilish (and amazing dancer) Damon Suede with a flustered fan.



And I suppose I needed to get at least one other pic of me on here.  Don’t I look smashing in green?

Okay, just kidding, I’m the lady in purple, but damnit, I look fierce.


What did I learn from a weekend swimming in the humid Atlanta air?  I gotta step up my author game. Seriously.  I see where I want to be, and now it’s my goal to get there.  I have ideas for a ton of stuff, and I can’t wait to get started!


Once my head stops drowning in it’s own snot.  Stupid con crud.



Jonathan and Dean Interview!

Happy Monday! I’m recovering from GRL, and I loved this character interview that the awesome Brynn hosted, that I’m going to drop it here!


Take it away, boys!


Interview with Jonathan and Dean:

Jonathan: Why are we doing this?  We could be doing something a lot more fun together than talking, big guy.

Dean: Later.  This is important.

J: God, you’re the only person on this planet who can get away with calling me “Jon”, you know that?

D: That’s a good jump off question, actually.  What’s with you and names?  You have one that only I can call you, only your mom can call you by the first name, and everyone else it’s “Jonathan” or you bite their head off.

J: Not exactly true.  Mama can call me anything she wants, because she gave me the name, right?  But “Esteban” is special, she’s never called me by my middle name and it don’t sound right when anyone else uses my first name, so they don’t get to.  As for you, well, whenever I hear you say “Jon”, it gets me hot every time.  Reminds me of the first time you said it, when I was on my knees and…

D: Jonathan, not now.  We’re in public.

J: Yeah, I’m so sure these people are really objecting.  You can tell by the sound of the crickets. Anyway, my turn. Mr. Dean Winton, what was the first thing you thought when you saw me?

D: That you were the most beautiful thing on the planet.  And that I hoped I didn’t drop tzatziki sauce on my shirt because you were coming my way.

J:  I, um, damnit, Dean. I gave you a perfect opening to tease me about my ego, and you had to turn it around and make it sweet.  Bastard.

D: I love you too.

J: And now the audience might puke.  Ask the next question.

D: Why bellydancing?  

J:  It’s a hot guy magnet?

D: Jon…

J: Okay, okay, I’ll be serious.  Why bellydancing?  Because it looks awesome and it’s fun and I guess I’ve gotten so good at it that it’s in my soul, right?  I can’t even listen to music without thinking up ways to shimmy to the beat.  I look at clothes and wonder how I can cut them up and make them into costumes that flow.  It’s been my obsession for a damned long time.  My turn!

D: I don’t like the look in your eyes at all.

J: Relax, it’s a softball.  Before me, you spent a lot of time alone.  What’d you do for fun?

D: My right hand.  Occasionally my left.


D: Didn’t think I had that in me, did you?  Now close your jaw before you make me forget this interview entirely.  To answer your question, I spent my time working out, going to restaurants, reading, therapy, avoiding crowds.  Recovering.  You came at just the right time, when I was ready to join the world again.

J: You came at just the right time, too, you know.

D: I’m waiting for the obvious pun.

J: No pun, baby.  I think the timing was just right for us.  

D: You got that right.  Okay, last questions, because I really don’t think I can keep sitting here without touching you.

J: Hey, I suggested I sit in your lap while we did this interview, but you said I’d be “too distracting”.

D: What’s your biggest regret?

J: I don’t think I can talk about that yet.  Not my biggest regret.  It still hurts.

D: I’m so sorry.

J: No, you don’t have a god damned thing to be sorry about, baby. That was all my fuck up.  Shit, what’s the last question?

D: It’s yours.

J: Right, my question.  What do you hope folks get out of our story?

D: Wow, that’s meta.  I hope they get that no matter how much of a screw up or a failure you may think you are, there’s no getting away from love.

J: That sounds more like what I should be getting out of this.  So are we done?

D: Yep, so get over here.  My lap’s a little lonely.

J: About time, damnit.

WIP Friday: All I Ever Wanted!

Happy Friday you guys and gals!


In case you were wonder if our dear Patch-kid is going to meet a special someone, fear not! He’s got his issues to deal with around love and stuff, but fear not!


I spend that entire weekend distracted by thoughts of Mr. Rafe and his idea of a “date” that involved getting sweaty in ways I wasn’t completely familiar with, that is, with another person. The distraction didn’t mean I was gonna blurt it out to my nearest and dearest, though.  I’d learned a long time ago that some things, you have to keep close to your chest at first.

Well, except for Hallow.  He didn’t talk back or ask me to give gory details of my feelings, so he were safe, even when it felt like I was talking to myself out loud.

 “So, Rafe.  Hot, friendly, and way the fuck out of my league.  I got no fucking clue what to do with this guy at all.  Okay, I’ve got some ideas, but the mind the willing and the body is medicated.”  I’d been quite happy for that major side effect when I was up to 100 mg, one less thing I had to worry about while I was in the middle of recovering.

“He asked me to be his running partner.  I can do that, right?” Hallow poked his little snub nose out of my shirt, where he was keeping warm, like it was actually listening.  I felt the smooth scale slide against my skin and it was nice.  “It’s just that ‘date’ thing that throwing me off.  I ain’t the dating type, never saw the need for it, not in my game.  So, I’ll just run with him for now, see if he’s trying for some long game to get into my pants.  If that’s the case, well…”  

I didn’t know.  Normally, fucking was a means to an end, always had been for me.  But other than an ass tight enough to bounce a rock off of, Rafe didn’t have anything I needed that I could barter sex for.  Just thinking about it made me even more confused, so I decided to just see what happened. 

Off to GRL and Happily Ever After!

Hi everyone!


By the time you’re reading these words, I should be on a plane, trying not to puke from nerves, on my way to Atlanta.  Don’t fret, I’m have some queued posts just for you.


Starting with, last week’s Happily Ever After episode!  We’ve talked about Divide and Conquer!


We has a Winner!

Hello everyone! It’s one more day before I get on a plane for GRL and and it’s very hectic here in Casa de Me, so I’m happy to announce that thanks to a randomizer, I didn’t have to pick a winner!


Wait, that came out wrong.  All of the entries made me smile, and I just couldn’t pick one, so I had to make use of mechanical help (better, yes?).


So…the winner of the Birthday Giveaway is…






I’ll be sending you can email of congratulations and all that stuff.  I want to thank everyone who commented and the birthday wishes, you guys really got me in the mood for my favorite time of the year!

Birthday Giveaway and Happily Ever After!

Hey guys!


Finally, this stupid week is over, which mean I had days…DAYS…to get ready for Gay Rom Lit.  I’m excited and terrified.


But first I gotta get through my birthday.  It’s on a writing day, and my sweetie is taking me to see Wicked so I’m all kinds of excited.  I still have one paperback copy of This Little Whatever…and no entries.

So, here’s the deal again; leave me a comment (or even an email at telling me your favorite thing about Fall and I’ll select one person and mail them this paperback.  If you’re also attending GRL, I can just bring it to you!  I’ve extended the due date to Wednesday, Oct 16th, so get those comments in!


Before GRL, and birthday, though, is another episode of Happily Ever After.  This Saturday we’ll be taking about Divide and Conquer by Abigail Roux and I for one am so excited!!! I’ll drop the direct link here on Saturday so you can join us live!


Have a Great Friday!

WIP Friday: All I Ever Wanted

See, I didn’t forget this time!


I was still so fucking angry.


“What happened to you wasn’t your fault. It’s alright to be upset, Patrick.” She tried again with the tissues and I snatched them from her and hurled them at the wall with a very satisfied smack. I liked her company, but I fucked hated that we talked about this shit. Nothing made me more pissed off than remembering the helplessness.


The throw got a glare from her. “But you can’t take it out on my Kleenex. Have you thought about taking up a sport?”


That shook me out of my rage-haze for a second. “What? Like fucking football or some shit?”


“Or running, or swimming. You told me you swam as a kid. Something that gets your body moving, gets you out of your head.”


I shook my head, because that just sounded ridiculous. Me, short and scrawny me, lifting more than my own ass? Please. “I know what happened wasn’t my fault. It never was my fucking fault. She wasn’t in the deal, she had no goddamned right, but she’s gone and I’ve got no fucking clue what to do with all this…this..” I dashed my hand over my cheek as it started to itch. “Fuck, I want to just tear her to pieces…” I didn’t even want to talk about the consequences of that Nightmare night, of birds and bees and sperm hitting an egg and just like that, I wanted something else to throw. Or maybe to just throw up.

GRL Video Interviews and Birthday Giveaway!

I love October.  It’s my favorite month of the year.  Fall has settled in, leaves are turning, apple cider and Count Chocula are available for my consumption, the heat is fucking gone and I can break out the animal print PJs.


It also holds two of my favorite holidays; Halloween and my birthday! But this month is extra special because I’m also attending GRL in two weeks!


Since I have access to a camera and a working You Tube channel, my plans are to do a video diary from arrival to departure and everywhere in between.  WHile I had this camera with me, I thought “Hey, what was be a great way to get to know other authors (especially since my Happily Ever After compadres are wanting me to be interviewed as an author on our own show, which terrifies me to no end.)?  Interviews!”

I’ve already sent out an email to some Dreamspinner authors and gotten a few hits.  I want to reach out a bit further, of course, so if you’re reading my worlds, are attending GRL, and have a few minutes to spare and don’t mind being in front of a camera, I’d love to chat with you!  Please contact me at my email littlewhatever (at gmail) and we can set up some time, especially now that we have a schedule!


Okay, so birthday.  I want to give someone a dead tree copy of This Little Whatever for my birthday next Sunday (that would be the 13th and yes I was born on a Friday), so if you’d like to get your hot little paws on one, please leave a comment below answering this question; “What’s your favorite thing about fall?” I’ll stick the posts into a randomizer on October 14th, and one lucky winner with receive the book.  I can either mail it out to you, or if you’re coming to GRL, give it to you face to face!


Good luck everyone!