I Just Hit The Lotto, la la la la

Not really, it’s a line in the chorus of my current favorite song, Lotto by the Korean pop group EXO.

I actually listen to a lot of Kpop while I write. My Pandora has its own channel, and I listen to the nightcore versions while I wait for caffeine and food on Sundays.  Weird, I know, but we writers aren’t normal people.  We sit for long stretches of time, pounding words into laptops, computers and journals, lost in our own little worlds.

And my world just happens to have a sound track of danceable tunes in a language I know dick-all off.

Writers, do you write with music? What kind? I’m curious.

Happy Release Day, Settling Down!

Finally, my loves, Settling Down is out and available and you know what that means…

Another post on the ol’ Blog Tour.

Not just one, but two!  Check me out at Long and Short Reviews AND Divine Magazine!

Oh and buy the darned thing 🙂

Settling Down Blog Tour – Stop 2 @ My Fiction Nook!

Follow me there where I blog about deliberate choices in my writing!

WIP Wednesday 

No WIPW today, folks, but you can catch an exclusive excerpt of Settling Down, sequel to Shaken Up, on M/M Good Book Reviews for the beginning of my whirlwind blog tour!

…that stops today and continues next week. 🙂


A Giveaway?!? Maybe…

I’m feeling generous, so there is a small possibility that I will be giving away a copy of Shaken Up during this tour.


Watch the space to see if that pans out and what you need to do to get your virtual hands on the first of my first series!

WIP Wednesday 

I was yelling, and I heard the door open behind me. “Doctor, is everything alright?”

After a second, the door closed again. I didn’t even turn around, for all I knew, security was on their way to drag my crazy ass to solitary for making such a fuss.

Nothing happened, but Dr. Spaulding’s speaking. “From your friends, you have a lot of other talents that don’t involve sex. You juggle, there’s fire play, there has to be more.”

“That shit doesn’t keep you fed or warm. And who the fuck told you that, the guy I’d been fucking for a place to stay? HA! The only talents that got me anywhere were my dick and my mouth.” I clicked my tongue stud against me teeth like an exclaimation point to end my point. I didn’t want to make Jonathan look bad – he was good to me – but I had to get her to face facts. We both knew the score. No use in making it all nicey nice. I was a sex toy with legs who could eat fire.

And I didn’t regret a single minute of it.

Settling Down: The Blog Tour!

I have dates, I have blogs to post, I have the jitters.

But below are the places where I’ll be posting to from July 26th to August 1st. Please join me as I release exclusive content and yap about the Little Earthquakes series!

July 20 – MM Good Book Reviews
July 26 – My Fiction Nook
July 27 – Divine Magazine
July 27 – Long and Short Reviews
July 28 – Open Skye Book Reviews
July 30 – Love Bytes
August 1 – Dreamspinner Press Blog

Can’t wait to see you there!

WIP Wednesday

Let’s get this party started up once again:


You know, unless I fuck up and burn my arm while not paying attention, like I did the week after that dinner.

Mark spread some cooling gel stuff on my shoulder with one eyebrow up. “You’re lucky this isn’t worse. It should heal fine.”

Fucking Cristian, creeping into my thoughts. Just who did he think he was, my boy…friend?

“Patch, you alright? How bad does it hurt now?”

Holy shit, I had a boyfriend. An actual man actually was in a relationship with me. Actually. Like really. And we haven’t fucked. Not even once. And he was still with me.

“Cristian’s my boyfriend,” I sputtered and noticed my heart raced even faster.

“Oookay. If we’re playing non-sequitors, then Shaka, when the walls fell.”

“Very funny. I’m serious.”


*Kermit Flails*

I got a Kermit Flail!

From Amy Lane!


It’s so awesome when someone you look up to acknowledges you.

Don’t mind me, I’ll be here squeaking

Con Bound

Did you know that I wrote a story based at a geek convention?

I did it for a NanoWriMo when I didn’t have access to a computer (*gasp* I know. How I kept sane is a mystery to me).  Every time I look around when I’m at CONvergence, I remember it clearly.

Maybe one day I’ll clean it up, update it, and see if y’all will like it.

Anyway, I have a bunch of promos coming up for Settling Down coming up soon and I can’t wait to share the dates and blogs with you.

…once I’m back home.

…and have slept for like a whole week.