Monthly Archives: October 2014

A reintroduction

Hello, all.  My name is Nicole and I write stories with men kiss each other.  A lot.

I’m gearing up for GRL in two weeks and it is getting outrageous with the amount of prep I’m putting into this.  I’ve sewn a dress, I’m turning business cards into mini bookmarks:


I’ve been crocheting little coffee cozies out of rainbow yarn to give away at the Supporting Author Meety Greety thingy


…and for folks who come up with a book to sign, I have my purple pen and a neat knitted bookmark to give:


For someone who can’t seem to get around to updating her blog/Facebook/Twitter, I HAVE been throwing my happy ass into getting ready for this retreat!  So, if you’re coming, I can’t wait to see you!  I won’t be hard to find, just look for the limpy chick with purple dreadlocks. ­čÖé