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Queer Romance Blog Hop!

Hello, everyone, just in time for Turkey Day here in the States, I’m a stop on the Queer Romance Blog Hop!  I love answering questions!



1. Let’s start off with the getting-to-know-you stuff: How do you identify, and what does that mean to you? Whatever level of detail you’re comfortable with, of course! I identify as panromantic asexual and to me that means I have an equal opportunity heart and no vacancy in my crotch.


2. What’s your preferred “flavour” of queer romance (e.g. trans*, f/f, m/m, menage with queer characters, etc.) Why? My favorite “flavours” are m/m, ménage and trans*/genderqueer stories.  I find them fascinating and sweet and so freakin’ not standard straight romance.  There are so many “flavours” of people in queer romance who turn the mold upside-down or just smash it into bits. That’s all kinds of awesome to me.


3. Do you write/read/review? Do you think being queer affects your participation or platform in romancelandia? I write and read, and I’d like to say that my being asexual doesn’t affect my ability to enjoy or write romance at all or enjoy a little tingle now and then if a lovescene is really good.


4. What drew you to queer romance? I blame Sailor Moon.  No, really.  Almost 20 years ago, this baby ace was addicted to watching this show about love and beauty and all that great stuff before I realized that it was a translated anime.  Thanks to getting a computer two years after that, I looked up the characters I loved and realized that holy shit – one of my favorite couples were two guys!  And I wasn’t freaked out at all, fuck I liked it a lot.  And it went on from there of reading and then writing and so on…


5. What do you love about queer romance in general, and/or your specific subgenre? I kinda answered it for number two, but I’ll elaborate.  In most straight romances, the men don’t really change from one particular trope. It got dull for me real quick. But in m/m romance in particular, I can read about big, strong men, and slender, strong men, femme men, uber-masculine men,  men that are kinda chubby, and men who are big bears.  They laugh and cry and love and get pissed and fight and care for who they love openly (or they will eventually).  They are tops and bottoms and versatile, doms and subs and vanilla and kinkier than a public hair.  Most have dicks, some don’t, some don’t even identify with the gender binary at all.


They are varied and amazing and love them all.


6. What’s your pet peeve? “I want to see more ‘real men’” and its ilk.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that people have their preferences and that’s cool, but the very concept of there being ‘real men’ makes me want to spit.  It’s transphobic, sexist, homophobic to assume that there is a such thing as a “real man”.  The joy of reading queer fiction is getting to throw away society’s tropes


7. What growth would you like to see in the genre, going forward? Any ideas on how to accomplish that? I’d like to see our genre grow, period.  There are so many brilliant minds out there and so many stories that need to be told.


8. Do you seek out other queer authors when you read? Not immediately, I find discovering that an author I like is queer to be a nice surprise, but it’s not something I actively look out for.


9. How do you feel, in general, about straight peoples’ participation in reading, writing, and reviewing queer romance? Back to eight, the more the merrier, really.  I’m already stepping into issues I have no direct experience with (man on man sex), so I have no problem with straight people doing the same with queer romance.  Love is love is love, nearly all of us have been touched by it before and I feel that a good love story is universal.


10. Rec us 3 titles in your chosen subgenre and tell us why you love them.

Anything by Amy Lane: I’m cheating, I know.  But if you want a great example of brave and excellent and steamy writing, Amy’s your lady.

Fearless by Cat Grant: There really does need to be more transmen in queer romance, and Cat does a beautiful job with Gil.  I love him so much!

Room at the Top by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow: If you like BDSM ménage, this is your book.  If you aren’t sure, this is your book.  The authors took BDSM tropes that make my eyes roll in little (been there, done that, remember?), and gave them life and personality and *sigh* I wanna read this was again!



Thanks for reading and for following the tour! Be sure to use the links below to check out more great posts from our participants!





Super Cold WIP Friday: May the Burrs Be With You!

I am very much NOT looking forward to wandering outside to catch my bus for work.  Boo and Hiss.

But if you’re in a nice warm place, allow me to give you a little taste of some bedroom action to keep the heat!

Rafe nodded and I scooted down off him to kick off my pants and yank off his.  He rolled over on his stomach, bent over the bed, feet on the floor and spread, showing up that perfect ass.  


Like good boys, our hosts kept their lube in a bedstand.  Like weird hosts, they also kept a couple of things there that I never wanted to imagine either one using. I grabbed the bottle out and slammed the drawer close so fast that we both could hear the clink of metal.  


“What the fuck was that?” Rafe asked, unable to stop laughing as I tossed the bottle next to him and got on my knees behind his ass.  


“Do ya really wanna know what they get up to,” I asked, my mouth close to his thighs.  “Or do ya wanna know what I wanna get up to.”


“Balls deep, I hope,” Rafe moaned and reached back to spread his ass apart.  “Been practicing since I got back to the States.  I don’t need that much prep.”


That confession made me dizzy, imagining Rafe stretching his hole, thinking about when he’d have me again.  “Confident, ain’t we?”


“Hope springs eternal.”

New Guest Blog Post Thing!

…and it’s an interview!


Hop on over to DP’s Cafe where I explain just where I write and who became my favorite character in This Little Whatever!

Happily Ever After Ep. 8: Hot Head by Damon Suede


Last Saturday the ladies of Happily Ever After got a little hot and heavy talking about one of our fav Suede books!  Listen in for wonky internet, what “beer can” cocks really are, and me rambling a bit (or a lot) about GRL!

Good morning WIP: More NaNo!


It’s been a neat week, I’m getting used to being a cat mom (oh holy fuck, so much cat hair everywhere), last week’s episode of Happily Ever After that I’ll be posting tomorrow right here, a friend introduced herself to M/M by reading (and reviewing!!) This Little Whatever, and there there was writing.

Here’s another very rough glimpse at another bit of All I Ever Wanted:

“He’s a regular superhero.” Avi declared. “You ready to be his Lois Lane?”


“What? Easy there, dude, I’m not getting into a frock. I wouldn’t carry it off as good as you do.” I added that last part quickly, so I wouldn’t earn his wrath.


Avi ran a hand through his bright red locks. “Damn right. Tucking that monster dick of yours would be a nightmare.”


“How’d you figure that? It’s not like I’ve been flashing it around you.”


“When you’re hiding it in those ghastly cargo shorts, anyone with eyes could tell not only are you packing, but you dress left.”


Okay, it was like he suddenly starting speaking Chinese or Yiddish and left me behind. “Dress left?”


That got me a sigh. “Your dick tends to hang to the left. Dress left. It’s useful when you’re being fitted for a suit to know which way you ‘dress’.”

“And you?”


“So left it points at Noam Chomsky.”


It was nice hanging out with Avi, as long as we avoided the subject of his lovelife. It was confirmed that he didn’t date or fuck around, but was always there for his friend Dr. Zay needed a date. Dr. Zay also didn’t date, being a doctor and running a large clinic took up a lot of his time already.


Okay, so maybe I didn’t bring it up because Dr. Carver arranged an externship with the small pharmacy in the clinic once I pasted the licensing test. Best not to piss off the best friend, right?


The house looked as pretty as ever, with only one thing not belonging there.


It was large and brown and old.


A van.

No, not just any van.




“Patch?” Avi shook me from where I’d stepped on the brakes halfway down the road. “Did you notice your phone flashing? You’ve missed some texts.”


Numbly, foot still on the brake, I took my phone out.


Kid, you gotta get over here, like now.


I’m SERIOUS, Patch. This is some shit.




Fuck, do you have your ringer off!?!!?


All from Jonathan, all in an hour span. Shit.

Casa de Forcine grows by one!

Meet Chotu, my very first pet!  He’s adorable and stumpy as fuck and hiding under the bed right now, but lookit!!!


WIP Friday: Family Reunion

People asked if Mama Carmen would make an appearance in All I Ever Wanted, and I wouldn’t dream of disappointing any of you!


Any other thoughts I had were interrupted by a black blur tearing out of the garage.


“Well, glad he remember clothes…” My driving companion wasn’t sitting next to me as I parked, leaving the door wide open and her hat on the seat as the two Mendozas collided together, Jonathan practically lifting the Carmen in to the air. Carmen kissed her son’s cheeks over and over again, and they both spoke so fast that I wasn’t sure if it was English or Spanish or some perfect meshing of the two.


Dean opened my door for me. “I’ll get her bags while they say hello.” If his smile got any bigger, his face would have split in half.


My chest ached hard watching the reunion. Damn, I’d never had that kind of hello from any kin of mine. It was wrong to be jealous, even a little, but I was going to be honest. It hurt.


I felt Dean’s hand on my shoulder, and his eyes were a little misty. “Thinking about your folks?”


“…yeah,” I confessed with a little sigh.


He nodded. “Me too. I’d kill for one more hug, you know. But,” he moved to the back to get the luggage. “I can live vicariously through them, yeah?”


I got up and helped by the tote bag, amazed at how it seemed that there was no one else in the universe but mom and son. Jonathan had his face tucked into Carmen’s neck, his shoulder shaking as she petted his hair and cooed at him.


“She’s telling him that she’s fine,” Dean translated. “I forgot she’s been sick for two years.”


“Come on,” I said, heading for the steps leading to the front door. “We could give ‘em some privacy, yeah?”

New Reviews!

I’ve been a terrible tooter of my own horn, but This Little Whatever has been racking up more reviews and I’ve got more guest posts!


  • Jonathan’s a bad boy, yeah, I know.  But over at Cate Ashwood’s blog, I’ve got his rap sheet on display to see just how much of a bad boy he is (was?).
  • The Paranormal Romance Guild gave TLW 4.5 Stars!
  • Ms. Condit gave TLW 4.5 Sweet Peas!


I’m in a happy dancing sort of mood today!  Be back at this space tomorrow for this week’s WIP!



Write more!

This is my mantra for the week.  Nano is a thing, I’m way behind, and today is writing day.  I wish I could make every day a writing day, but a) I can only get any writing done away from home and b) coffee shops want those little green papers and c) working full time at a job that I despise drains the fuck out of me.

So I have writing days, days where I cram so many words in a 5-6 hour time frame.  And I always want to do this more.  Writers write, right? 

I should be writing all the time.  My favorite authors manage it all the time and I cheer and promptly kick myself.

Wow, not sure how this became a kicking myself post, but there you have it.  Promise a nice WIP Friday, okay?

Happily Ever After – Tonight!

So, the other reason why I have a You Tube channel is because I get together with some romance loving friends twice a month and we talk about some of the hottest books.  We’re doing an episode tonight, featuring a fan fave, Damon Suede’s Hot Head!  We do this live over Google Hangouts, so please feel free to join us on YouTube and leave comments (we’ll respond on air) and if you can’t join us live, the vid will be uploaded to YouTube the moment we’re done!


Tonight, 8:30CST/9:30EST!  See you then!