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Man, I suck at this whole “blog” thing

Note to self: If I post to the blog on the regular, I won’t find myself having to log in, only to realize that I’ve forgotten my password.  /note

It’s crazy, because so much is happening here in GOGOG Central.  I got my first round of edits for The Little Whatever in and checked over and added too and sent back, and THEN my Friday got massively improved by the art department getting in contact with me about the cover.  The cover, you guys.  I don’t know why this is a bigger deal to me than edits, but the cover just made this shit just a little more real, you know?

Yesterday was Pride here in the Twin Cities, and I wore my sorry self out walking and eating and looking and buying and drinking and just wallowing in the happy.  So much shit has happened in the name of queer rights with the November elections here in MN and the upcoming legal gay marriages, and the Supreme Court (who is still on my shit list for the VRA fuck up), released some good news about DOMA and Prop 8.  You could almost TASTE the joy.  Then I got home and broadcasted another episode of Happily Ever After, had an awesomely intelligent discussion about Amy Lane’s Bolt Hole and then got comment from Ms. Lane herself!  That almost makes up for the serious ugly crying I was doing after the show while trying to finish Forever Promised.  Almost.

And lastly, final edits are in for my LHNB story, so I should be hearing about when it will be in the release rotation soon and as soon as I know, so will you!

Happily Ever After Episode 2 – Bolt Hole by Amy Lane

Because I suck at self promotion, here’s the video we broadcasted yesterday! Hope you all enjoy it!

Happily Ever After Ep. 1 – Cut and Run

So, yeah, that think I did happened and is out in the world for all to see!  Enjoy!

I’m gonna go hide for a few days. 

Happily Ever After premieres this weekend!

So, remember that who “watch this space” for something I was doing this weekend? Here it is!!


Here ye, here ye, fellow fans of the stories with the men and the kissing and the falling in love and the sexing!


I’m not sure how many people remember me posting a call for fellow fans for a video book club thing via Google Hangout, and I got responses and we’re ready to go live!


…I think. I hope.  I’m a nervous wreck.


So, this Saturday, June 15th at 8:30PM CST, grab your drink of choice and join us at while we introduce ourselves and dish about fanfavorite Cut and Run! You can comment and such via the comment section, or if you have G+, add Nicole Forcine to your circle and you can watch it there!


I hope you see you all there!

Edit Edit Edit

So this week I got emails from Dreamspinner Press and about my contribution to the Love Has No Boundaries event, all about editing and stuff.  Soon I can say that I’m well on my way to being published.  Well, more than before.

Important writer lesson: I may have to break down and get MS Word finally.  I’ve been doing all right with Open Office so far, but edits are easier to convey with MS Word.  Joy.  Well, MS can’t make me get their most recent, so there!

In other news, I’m working on the third rewrite of All I Ever Wanted because my brain insists that a threesome is a great idea.  Fucking hell.  It’s like I’m desperately wanting people to read This Little Whatever and nothing else I write.

Lastly, because there are a few people actually reading this words, clear your calendars this Saturday, June 15th because the first episode of Happily Ever After will be hitting your YouTube!  What is Happily Ever After, you might be asking yourselves?  Well, I had this idea about a book club…on Google Hangout…talking about M/M romance, and after some time, I got some new buddies together, and we’re doing it.  First episode is this week, so I hope to see you at 8 PM CST (adjust to your time zone).  I’ll post the channel sometime this week!

Back to Fighting Form!

My submission was sent right on time and I no longer have the plague! Woo!

Now I stared at Scrivner with my brain flatlining, trying to figure what to do next.  I probably should have just taken this Sunday off to rest my poor brains.

Two hours later, I polished up a new chapter of Little Earthquakes and started on yet another rewrite of All I Ever Wanted. God, this story doesn’t want to sit still and keep the same form.  Fucking hell.

So that little “watch this space” announcement came and went yesterday and I’m now happy to announce that myself and some fellow M/M fans have gotten together on Google Hangouts and we’re gonna do a video book club!  Yay!  So, watch this space for more details!