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WIP Saturday!!

Only because I just wrote this bit, and I’m tickled and thrilled with it to the point of cackling loud enough to disturb my cat, I will share it with you. It’s rough, because I literally just finished writing it, but well, maybe it’ll give a nice insight into my “pretty boy” Patch and his new squeeze Roland.


“You know, Patch,” Roland told me as I figured out how the seatbelt worked. “You don’t really have to do this. That guy’s being a dick.”


“How do these work?” I jammed my finger at the control panel.

Roland sighed and did a quick run down. Joystick to move, the screens will make it look like I’m looking out of three windows, buttons meant different sorts of guns and rockets. I had a shield and there were weapon drops that I could activate by running into them.


“Are you sure about this? We could do a basic tutorial…”


“Get the fuck out and get into your pod,” I snarled.


He got out then and I waited until the door closed before second guessing myself. I’ve never been much of a video gamer dude. I mean, we had a Super Nintendo when I was a kid in the foster house, but that was it. No time to get into to trends when I wasn’t there anymore. I was about to make a complete ass of myself and for what reason?


Two firm knocks on my pod door. “Hey, pretty boy, you ready?”


Oh yeah, that reason.

Super Cold WIP Friday: May the Burrs Be With You!

I am very much NOT looking forward to wandering outside to catch my bus for work.  Boo and Hiss.

But if you’re in a nice warm place, allow me to give you a little taste of some bedroom action to keep the heat!

Rafe nodded and I scooted down off him to kick off my pants and yank off his.  He rolled over on his stomach, bent over the bed, feet on the floor and spread, showing up that perfect ass.  


Like good boys, our hosts kept their lube in a bedstand.  Like weird hosts, they also kept a couple of things there that I never wanted to imagine either one using. I grabbed the bottle out and slammed the drawer close so fast that we both could hear the clink of metal.  


“What the fuck was that?” Rafe asked, unable to stop laughing as I tossed the bottle next to him and got on my knees behind his ass.  


“Do ya really wanna know what they get up to,” I asked, my mouth close to his thighs.  “Or do ya wanna know what I wanna get up to.”


“Balls deep, I hope,” Rafe moaned and reached back to spread his ass apart.  “Been practicing since I got back to the States.  I don’t need that much prep.”


That confession made me dizzy, imagining Rafe stretching his hole, thinking about when he’d have me again.  “Confident, ain’t we?”


“Hope springs eternal.”

Good morning WIP: More NaNo!


It’s been a neat week, I’m getting used to being a cat mom (oh holy fuck, so much cat hair everywhere), last week’s episode of Happily Ever After that I’ll be posting tomorrow right here, a friend introduced herself to M/M by reading (and reviewing!!) This Little Whatever, and there there was writing.

Here’s another very rough glimpse at another bit of All I Ever Wanted:

“He’s a regular superhero.” Avi declared. “You ready to be his Lois Lane?”


“What? Easy there, dude, I’m not getting into a frock. I wouldn’t carry it off as good as you do.” I added that last part quickly, so I wouldn’t earn his wrath.


Avi ran a hand through his bright red locks. “Damn right. Tucking that monster dick of yours would be a nightmare.”


“How’d you figure that? It’s not like I’ve been flashing it around you.”


“When you’re hiding it in those ghastly cargo shorts, anyone with eyes could tell not only are you packing, but you dress left.”


Okay, it was like he suddenly starting speaking Chinese or Yiddish and left me behind. “Dress left?”


That got me a sigh. “Your dick tends to hang to the left. Dress left. It’s useful when you’re being fitted for a suit to know which way you ‘dress’.”

“And you?”


“So left it points at Noam Chomsky.”


It was nice hanging out with Avi, as long as we avoided the subject of his lovelife. It was confirmed that he didn’t date or fuck around, but was always there for his friend Dr. Zay needed a date. Dr. Zay also didn’t date, being a doctor and running a large clinic took up a lot of his time already.


Okay, so maybe I didn’t bring it up because Dr. Carver arranged an externship with the small pharmacy in the clinic once I pasted the licensing test. Best not to piss off the best friend, right?


The house looked as pretty as ever, with only one thing not belonging there.


It was large and brown and old.


A van.

No, not just any van.




“Patch?” Avi shook me from where I’d stepped on the brakes halfway down the road. “Did you notice your phone flashing? You’ve missed some texts.”


Numbly, foot still on the brake, I took my phone out.


Kid, you gotta get over here, like now.


I’m SERIOUS, Patch. This is some shit.




Fuck, do you have your ringer off!?!!?


All from Jonathan, all in an hour span. Shit.

WIP Friday: Family Reunion

People asked if Mama Carmen would make an appearance in All I Ever Wanted, and I wouldn’t dream of disappointing any of you!


Any other thoughts I had were interrupted by a black blur tearing out of the garage.


“Well, glad he remember clothes…” My driving companion wasn’t sitting next to me as I parked, leaving the door wide open and her hat on the seat as the two Mendozas collided together, Jonathan practically lifting the Carmen in to the air. Carmen kissed her son’s cheeks over and over again, and they both spoke so fast that I wasn’t sure if it was English or Spanish or some perfect meshing of the two.


Dean opened my door for me. “I’ll get her bags while they say hello.” If his smile got any bigger, his face would have split in half.


My chest ached hard watching the reunion. Damn, I’d never had that kind of hello from any kin of mine. It was wrong to be jealous, even a little, but I was going to be honest. It hurt.


I felt Dean’s hand on my shoulder, and his eyes were a little misty. “Thinking about your folks?”


“…yeah,” I confessed with a little sigh.


He nodded. “Me too. I’d kill for one more hug, you know. But,” he moved to the back to get the luggage. “I can live vicariously through them, yeah?”


I got up and helped by the tote bag, amazed at how it seemed that there was no one else in the universe but mom and son. Jonathan had his face tucked into Carmen’s neck, his shoulder shaking as she petted his hair and cooed at him.


“She’s telling him that she’s fine,” Dean translated. “I forgot she’s been sick for two years.”


“Come on,” I said, heading for the steps leading to the front door. “We could give ‘em some privacy, yeah?”

WIP Friday: All I Ever Wanted (yup, again!)



I’m terrified!


Well, I’ve been doing Nano for eight years, and this is my first year with actual writing expectations, so I’m going to make this yearly thing I do into motivation: I’m going to work on All I Ever Wanted this month!  Fifty thousand words should help me finish the fucker that I started last year.  I think.  I hope. If you’re doing Nano too, feel free to friend me at “jailaheyn” (It’s my old fanfic pen name, so…yeah…)


So, happy November, happy Nano, and here’s this week’s except!


Rafe nodded real slow. “That would explain the bottle of Zoloft in the bathroom.”


I covered my face and groaned. “Fuck, I thought I put that in the medicine cabinet this morning. I didn’t mean for you to see those. Didn’t want you to think I was this fucked up.”


“I’ll forgive you for thinking I’m enough of a jerk that I’d dump you for being on meds.” He extended a hand to me. “And I’m not going to dump you just because you went soft. You didn’t know, I didn’t know. And that whole ‘worth is in your ability to fuck’ bit is total bullshit. I liked you long before we got to this point.”


I couldn’t take his hand, because I wasn’t remotely finished yet. If he wanted to like me so much, he had to know it all before we got skin to skin ever again. “It’s all I’ve ever known.”


“How long have you known that? You’re not that much younger than I am.” He kept his hand out.


I closed my eyes, no longer crying. The room had gotten cool, and I crossed my arms in front of me, hugging myself, trying to get warm. The downside of being a skinny fuck and being sober all the time, I got cold too damn quick. This part was going to be tough, but I’d decided to spill, and I couldn’t talk about the daddy thing, so maybe if I told him everything else, I’d be forgiven.


“I had a whole lot of practice.”

WIP Friday: All I Ever Wanted!

Happy Friday you guys and gals!


In case you were wonder if our dear Patch-kid is going to meet a special someone, fear not! He’s got his issues to deal with around love and stuff, but fear not!


I spend that entire weekend distracted by thoughts of Mr. Rafe and his idea of a “date” that involved getting sweaty in ways I wasn’t completely familiar with, that is, with another person. The distraction didn’t mean I was gonna blurt it out to my nearest and dearest, though.  I’d learned a long time ago that some things, you have to keep close to your chest at first.

Well, except for Hallow.  He didn’t talk back or ask me to give gory details of my feelings, so he were safe, even when it felt like I was talking to myself out loud.

 “So, Rafe.  Hot, friendly, and way the fuck out of my league.  I got no fucking clue what to do with this guy at all.  Okay, I’ve got some ideas, but the mind the willing and the body is medicated.”  I’d been quite happy for that major side effect when I was up to 100 mg, one less thing I had to worry about while I was in the middle of recovering.

“He asked me to be his running partner.  I can do that, right?” Hallow poked his little snub nose out of my shirt, where he was keeping warm, like it was actually listening.  I felt the smooth scale slide against my skin and it was nice.  “It’s just that ‘date’ thing that throwing me off.  I ain’t the dating type, never saw the need for it, not in my game.  So, I’ll just run with him for now, see if he’s trying for some long game to get into my pants.  If that’s the case, well…”  

I didn’t know.  Normally, fucking was a means to an end, always had been for me.  But other than an ass tight enough to bounce a rock off of, Rafe didn’t have anything I needed that I could barter sex for.  Just thinking about it made me even more confused, so I decided to just see what happened. 

WIP Friday: All I Ever Wanted

See, I didn’t forget this time!


I was still so fucking angry.


“What happened to you wasn’t your fault. It’s alright to be upset, Patrick.” She tried again with the tissues and I snatched them from her and hurled them at the wall with a very satisfied smack. I liked her company, but I fucked hated that we talked about this shit. Nothing made me more pissed off than remembering the helplessness.


The throw got a glare from her. “But you can’t take it out on my Kleenex. Have you thought about taking up a sport?”


That shook me out of my rage-haze for a second. “What? Like fucking football or some shit?”


“Or running, or swimming. You told me you swam as a kid. Something that gets your body moving, gets you out of your head.”


I shook my head, because that just sounded ridiculous. Me, short and scrawny me, lifting more than my own ass? Please. “I know what happened wasn’t my fault. It never was my fucking fault. She wasn’t in the deal, she had no goddamned right, but she’s gone and I’ve got no fucking clue what to do with all this…this..” I dashed my hand over my cheek as it started to itch. “Fuck, I want to just tear her to pieces…” I didn’t even want to talk about the consequences of that Nightmare night, of birds and bees and sperm hitting an egg and just like that, I wanted something else to throw. Or maybe to just throw up.

WIP It’s-Not-Friday; the “Nicole’s Been Sick” edition

Yeah, I know, I’m sorry.  I promised one every Friday and then I got a double whammy of allergies and a cold, because when my respiratory system hates me, it really hates me.  I skipped a couple of writing days while I recovered.


So, here’s a bit from All I Ever Wanted, the sequel to This Little WhateverNOTE: This is no guarantee that the scene below will make edits (mine or my editors), but I did write it with my own ten fingers, so that counts, yeah?


The nurse sighs. “Is there a reason why you’re not bathing? Do you want to talk to Dr. Spaulding?”


No, I did not want to talk to Dr. Fucking Spaulding. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t want to be here. I only did it because my friends, who I royally fucked over by not fucking dying, begged me to. It was damned hard to say no, looking at Lala and Jonathan’s red teary faces begging me to accept help.


I’ve never seen either one of them cry before. Way to suck, Patch.


I planned on doing the bare minimum until everyone just gave the fuck up and let me go to die in peace. The bare minimum did not involve showering regularly.


It also didn’t involve talking more than I had to. I curl up on the window sill, rested my head against the window and waited for her to go the fuck away.


She doesn’t. Fuck, she’s sitting next to me. Why? “I know it’s not easy, but I promise you if you clean up a little, you’ll start to feel a lot better.”


God, I fucking hate it when they talk to me like I’m a fucking child. I glare at her and snarled. “Fuck off.”


She didn’t look all that impressed. Then again, I probably don’t look all that impressive, skinny and smelly and tired. She’s probably dealt with worse.


“I tried to nice, but since you’re not going to be nice back, I won’t bother. Kid, you stink, and I’m this close to recommending we get orderlies in here to drag your ass outside and hose you down. The choice is yours.”

WIP Friday: Little Earthquakes

Hi everyone and happy Friday!!

So , since I don’t want to lose your eyes and attentions, I blatantly stole an idea from a favorite author of mine and will be posting a sample from a work in progress – warts, mispellings and all  –  every Friday.  This works for me, since it’ll be two days after one of my major writing days and two days before my next one!

So, here goes:

Jae’s cell rang at him as he drove into town. He glanced at the device and was happy to see Tim’s name on the screen. Part of him worried after that first disaster of a night, he wouldn’t call back.


More than once, Jae considered losing the chance to see Tim again was a lot worse that having to postpone or even cancel the Wax Play 101 demo due to lack of a perfect sub.


After Tim left, Jae did some investigating of his own about Max Fielding. It seemed even after the court order and Tim’s complete withdrawal from the online BDSM community, people didn’t forget what had happened. Several blogs had the Dom on “Do Not Play” lists, and other subs had spoken out, got the same legal bullying, and didn’t back down. Tim had done some good by being the first, and Jae bet he didn’t even know it.


“Good afternoon, Sir,” Tim’s voice filled his left ear from the Bluetooth. Being called “Sir” eased his worries a lot. Tim wouldn’t call him that just to let him down easy, he hoped.


“Pet, how’s the leg?”


“I told you already, it’s fine. You asking me over and over again isn’t going to get it healing any faster.”


Jae chuckled. “Wishful thinking on my part.”


Tim didn’t sound upset at all. Good. “So, why the phone call? I left you a text.”


“I’m driving, on my way into town to meet with a new client.”


There was a pause and Jae swore he might had heard Tim swallow. “In a suit?”


The corner of Jae’s mouth curled up, turning his smile into a smirk. That tone of voice was clear. Tim liked him all dressed up. A lot. Good.


“Yes. It’s always a good idea to make a memorable first impression when meeting someone new. Don’t you agree?”


Another swallow, and then Tim’s voice was decidedly rougher. “You fucking tease.”


“You had to ask.” Jae hated to ruin the little flirting they had going on, but he had to get his new information out before they went any further. It had been obvious when Tim talked about his past that it still haunted him. Jae could give him this one bit of comfort. “So I did some digging…”


“On what?” Tim snapped out of their teasing very quickly. “Oh, Jae, you didn’t…please don’t tell me you looked ‘him’ up.”


“I did.”


“What, you didn’t believe me? After I looked you in the fucking face and told you? That’s pretty low, Jae.”


Jae nearly missed a Stop sign in surprise at the sudden bitter direction they were heading. “Tim, listen to me. I did it because I believe you and I wanted to see if that asshole did get away with what he did to you.”


“Really?” The amount of skepticism in that one word made Jae’s stomach churn.


“And yeah, it looks like people are getting the message. He’s on lists, subs are warning each other, even if he’s still in the scene. I know it’s not a perfect conclusion, having to leave your Dad and being drummed out of your community back home, but…”


Tim whispered so quietly that Jae had to stop talking to hear him. “…it’s more than I thought would have happened.”




“Yeah. I guess I just popped off too quickly. I’m sorry.”


Jae wished he’d saved this conversation for face to face. The way Tim sounded made him want to reach out and hold the man so badly. Not just as a comfort, but, and he had to admit it down to his very soul, but to protect. Tim should never sound this scared ever again. If he allowed it, Jae would make it so.


“Pet, don’t apologize. You’ve got every right to be upset about this. I just thought you could use a little closure. So, when can we see each other again?”


The abrupt change of topic did just what Jae wanted when he heard Tim’s sudden laugh. “I actually was calling about that very thing. I got Gloria to cover me Saturday night, and I was hoping you’d be free, so…”


“I’ll have the plastic down and the wax ready. Text me when you’re on the way.” The excitement from when the call started came back in full force, and Jae couldn’t help but imagine Tim at his feet once again. Shit, keeping his mind on the road was damn near impossible. Thankfully the client’s office was a block away and there were more than enough parking spaces. Ever the overplanner, Jae had reached the office with 30 minutes to spare.