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Writing Blitz Rundown 3/31/2013

Oh, the joys of trying to find parking when both the local coffee shop and your house are both near churches. And it’s Easter Sunday.

I managed and got the Love Has No Boundaries story first read and edited and I even have a tentative title for it; Just a Glimpse.

*Insert cheers of joy for spelling “glimpse” correctly the first time finally since I started this story*

It’s a short story for sure, about 7,000 words, but it was literally the story that popped out of my brain, a short, cute little tale with a touch of the paranormal.  I hope it’s well received, or at least not utterly hated.

I’m going to post Little Earthquakes on FictionPress one chapter at a time, and I think with both of those shorties down, I can get back to the albertross that is All I Ever Wanted. I’ve some time before I start getting edits back from it’s previous book, so I really need to get it out of my head and on pixels, but I’ll be damned if the stupid plot keeps wriggling away from me whenever I try to nail it down.

Writing Blitz Rundown 3/24/2013

It was quite difficult writing with one hand in a cast (like doing damn near everything else with one hand in a cast – grr!), but today I got more words into my Love Has No Boundaries submission.

It needs a title.  I hope one comes me to while I’m asleep.

So, now that This Little Whatever is getting legit published…

Behold, my happy dance


I now have official projects and goals to work on:

  • TLW‘s sequel (which is giving me so many plot fits)
  • The Untitled LHNB short
  • Little Earthquakes needs editing
  • My Sci-Fi possible short
  • …and now I’ve got a plot merman nibbling in my ear.


The Words Every Author Wants to Hear…

Thank you for your submission. We are interested in publishing …”

I have heard this words, and I am dancing with joy, because it means that This Little Whatever will be a reality not just in my mind and on my computer come fall of this year!  Hooray!

Writing Blitz Rundown 3/17/2013

Happy St. Patty’s Day, folks!  I hope you’re having fun tonight, drunk or sober.

I didn’t think I’d try to write anything with my left arm in a cast, but the Muse refused to let me go.  I did some work on All I Ever Wanted, and then, I got myself involved in Goodread’s M/M Romance Group’s Love Has No Boundaries Event.

With the first check in due around the same time I get my cast removed.  Well, I do love a challenge.

Here’s the prompt and my response (you have to be a member of the group in order to see this.).

Writing Blitz Rundown 3/11/2013

So I’m a day late and a little groggy.  This morning’s commute ended with me in the ER with a broken bone in my wrist.  I hate ice.  Writing is going to suck for a little bit, but I will try my best.


As for All I Ever Wanted, it’s going.  Hopefully when I am less addled by pain meds, I will post a little unpolished excerpt.  Back to bed with me!

The Waiting is Fatal

Okay, not really.  But I’m at the “six to eight” week span on waiting for an answer from Publisher Numero Uno.  Until that point, I was cool, calm, collected.  I’ll get an answer when I get an answer.  No biggie.

Now it’s Week Seven and I’m obsessively checking my author email (which usually gets very little action unless I’ve forgotten a password or something) several times a day.  Any news would be awesome, though bad news would mean starting this delightful process all over again with Publisher Numero Dos. 

Whelp, it’s the ride I signed up for.

Writing Blitz Rundown 3/3/2013

Hooray and hooray, Little Earthquakes is all done, at least the first draft anyways.  I’m thinking that I might make this one a freebie for FictionPress instead of try to shop it.  It’s not that I’m confident, and boy oh boy do I want to try to do another tale with one of the MCs working at a sex toy shop or an advice columnist (without channeling too much Dan Savage).    Since I made this one a BDSM romp, my other idea will have to be a sweet little romance.   Yey.

Next blitz, we’re back to All I Ever Wanted.