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Is This Real?

So, last week, I was in bed with a back owie, heating pad, Advil, and kitty nearby, when I saw my royalty statement in the email.

I earned money. Enough people purchased This Little Whatever that I have like…money.

Thank you.  Thank you, everyone, for the almost 400 copies sold thus far.  My mind is still blown.  I still have to keep asking myself “Am I a real author now?” every step of the way; when I finished TLW, when I submitted it, when I got the contract, after each edit, when I saw the cover art, when it was released, when I got my paperback copies, when I saw them on sale on the table at GRL, when I signed a copy, when people came up to me and said they liked it…it didn’t feel real.

I’m not even sure if it feels real now. 

My point, is thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Behold, the TLW Sequel You’ve All Been Waiting For!

Here it is...the entire book!

Here it is…the entire book!

…yes, your eyes aren’t fooling you.  It’s blank.

…nope, I didn’t lose everything in a terrible computer accident.

I’m starting over.  Fresh, new, not even looking at the old tattered files.  I will work hard to craft a much better story, a story Patch deserves, a story my readers deserve.


*rubs hands together* so, let get this shit started, yeah?

New Contract Day!

I just signed a contract with Torque Press for my super short Ollie’s Jock, for their anthology Spinning the Top.  Hooray!!  Look for it in March, and you know I’ll be keeping everyone updated!


Also, holy crap you guys, This Little Whatever has been nominated for a Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice award this year!

PRG Reviewer's Choice nominee flat


Look at this list! Holy crap I’m in amazing company!  Voting remains open until 1/12, so vote your heart…or other bits 😉  I’m just happy to even be considered!

The best laid plans…

So, I had grand plans for this week, this first week of unemployment, this week of the new year.  Write more, clean the house, spend more time with my cat, knit more things, write more.

Monday went off swimmingly. Four thousand words done on a rewrite of All I Ever Wanted, cleaned the bathroom, had dinner on the stove by the time Partner came home, brushed Cho until he was a purry pile of cat. 

Then the furnace broke overnight.  And we’re in Minnesota, where the temperature flirts and then goes down on 0 degrees F all week.  So, Tuesday, New Year’s Eve, is spent trying not to freeze while we wait on a repairperson.  Cold hands means no typing or knitting or even leaving my chair except to pee, make tea, or retrieve another blankie.

Furance is fixed by the afternoon, there is much rejoicing, but then we have a get-together to attend, where I devoured the yummiest prime rib in existence and we all play Cards Against Humanity until midnight.  And before we’re all old, everyone goes home after that.

New Year’s Day, a day of promise and new beginning – and my throat is on fire, my head is trying to come out of my ears and I’m both drowning in and choking on snot.  So, that day is spent sleeping.  With Cho. 

Today, I’m feverish, but lucid enough to get these words down. 

Well, that counts as progress to me 🙂