Monthly Archives: July 2014

*peeks out into the world* Hi?

So, Nicole, you haven’t been on this here site since April.  What do you have to say for yourself?

I’m sorry?

It’s been a nutty few months indeed.  I’ve been playing med bingo to find the right combo that allowed me to exist and write minus the owie, because just between you and me, dear reader, I haven’t been satisfied with a single rewrite of All I Ever Wanted. To the point that I’m even reconsidering doing a sequel – it’s THAT much of a choke point for me.

But, there is good news that I’ve denied you all, so here is a list!

1. I have a contract for a short story with Dreamspinner Press called Shaken Up, so look for it sometime next year!

2.  Happily Ever After has been going strong!  Check out the latest episodes here:

3.  I did a story for this year’s Love’s Landscapes release for M/M Romance on Goodreads!

4. I was on a panel for Urban Fantasy GLBT a weekend ago at CONvergence in Minneapolis!  I had a great time and got to suggest a lot of great books to people hungry for this stuff.

So, yes, enjoy and rejoice and I hope this means that I will be keeping you all in the loop from now on!