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WIP Wednesday 

I was yelling, and I heard the door open behind me. “Doctor, is everything alright?”

After a second, the door closed again. I didn’t even turn around, for all I knew, security was on their way to drag my crazy ass to solitary for making such a fuss.

Nothing happened, but Dr. Spaulding’s speaking. “From your friends, you have a lot of other talents that don’t involve sex. You juggle, there’s fire play, there has to be more.”

“That shit doesn’t keep you fed or warm. And who the fuck told you that, the guy I’d been fucking for a place to stay? HA! The only talents that got me anywhere were my dick and my mouth.” I clicked my tongue stud against me teeth like an exclaimation point to end my point. I didn’t want to make Jonathan look bad – he was good to me – but I had to get her to face facts. We both knew the score. No use in making it all nicey nice. I was a sex toy with legs who could eat fire.

And I didn’t regret a single minute of it.

What have you been up to, Nicole?

*taps mic* Is this thing on?

So, as I’ve mentioned on Facebook and the Twittaz, I have a contract for the sequel to Shaken Up and I’m so very, very excited I could squee.  Some more.

The working title is Settling Down, and that’s pretty much what it’s about. Tim and Jae have been together for some months, Jae’s been learning more about Domestic Discipline, and they’re ready to give it a try, in their own special way. Given Tim’s limits and Jae’s choices when it comes to punishment, it’s an interesting take on DD that I hope you’ll enjoy.

So, what I’m doing right now?  Remember This Little Whatever, my first novel (if not, go and get it!). I’m in the process of writing its sequel right now!  It’s all sequels up in here! For those who have, and don’t worry I’m not gonna spoil my own book, it’s Patch’s story. I think the kid needs his own happy ending, so I’m giving it to him.

If you want to follow the process, here’s a good place.  I hope to have video updates up and running soon, since I love recording, and with a kick ass new mic, maybe I can get some of my favorite authors to do some interviews too!

Okay, that’s about it. I better get back to writing!

Is This Real?

So, last week, I was in bed with a back owie, heating pad, Advil, and kitty nearby, when I saw my royalty statement in the email.

I earned money. Enough people purchased This Little Whatever that I have like…money.

Thank you.  Thank you, everyone, for the almost 400 copies sold thus far.  My mind is still blown.  I still have to keep asking myself “Am I a real author now?” every step of the way; when I finished TLW, when I submitted it, when I got the contract, after each edit, when I saw the cover art, when it was released, when I got my paperback copies, when I saw them on sale on the table at GRL, when I signed a copy, when people came up to me and said they liked it…it didn’t feel real.

I’m not even sure if it feels real now. 

My point, is thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

New Guest Blog Post Thing!

…and it’s an interview!


Hop on over to DP’s Cafe where I explain just where I write and who became my favorite character in This Little Whatever!

Good morning WIP: More NaNo!


It’s been a neat week, I’m getting used to being a cat mom (oh holy fuck, so much cat hair everywhere), last week’s episode of Happily Ever After that I’ll be posting tomorrow right here, a friend introduced herself to M/M by reading (and reviewing!!) This Little Whatever, and there there was writing.

Here’s another very rough glimpse at another bit of All I Ever Wanted:

“He’s a regular superhero.” Avi declared. “You ready to be his Lois Lane?”


“What? Easy there, dude, I’m not getting into a frock. I wouldn’t carry it off as good as you do.” I added that last part quickly, so I wouldn’t earn his wrath.


Avi ran a hand through his bright red locks. “Damn right. Tucking that monster dick of yours would be a nightmare.”


“How’d you figure that? It’s not like I’ve been flashing it around you.”


“When you’re hiding it in those ghastly cargo shorts, anyone with eyes could tell not only are you packing, but you dress left.”


Okay, it was like he suddenly starting speaking Chinese or Yiddish and left me behind. “Dress left?”


That got me a sigh. “Your dick tends to hang to the left. Dress left. It’s useful when you’re being fitted for a suit to know which way you ‘dress’.”

“And you?”


“So left it points at Noam Chomsky.”


It was nice hanging out with Avi, as long as we avoided the subject of his lovelife. It was confirmed that he didn’t date or fuck around, but was always there for his friend Dr. Zay needed a date. Dr. Zay also didn’t date, being a doctor and running a large clinic took up a lot of his time already.


Okay, so maybe I didn’t bring it up because Dr. Carver arranged an externship with the small pharmacy in the clinic once I pasted the licensing test. Best not to piss off the best friend, right?


The house looked as pretty as ever, with only one thing not belonging there.


It was large and brown and old.


A van.

No, not just any van.




“Patch?” Avi shook me from where I’d stepped on the brakes halfway down the road. “Did you notice your phone flashing? You’ve missed some texts.”


Numbly, foot still on the brake, I took my phone out.


Kid, you gotta get over here, like now.


I’m SERIOUS, Patch. This is some shit.




Fuck, do you have your ringer off!?!!?


All from Jonathan, all in an hour span. Shit.

New Reviews!

I’ve been a terrible tooter of my own horn, but This Little Whatever has been racking up more reviews and I’ve got more guest posts!


  • Jonathan’s a bad boy, yeah, I know.  But over at Cate Ashwood’s blog, I’ve got his rap sheet on display to see just how much of a bad boy he is (was?).
  • The Paranormal Romance Guild gave TLW 4.5 Stars!
  • Ms. Condit gave TLW 4.5 Sweet Peas!


I’m in a happy dancing sort of mood today!  Be back at this space tomorrow for this week’s WIP!



Jonathan and Dean Interview!

Happy Monday! I’m recovering from GRL, and I loved this character interview that the awesome Brynn hosted, that I’m going to drop it here!


Take it away, boys!


Interview with Jonathan and Dean:

Jonathan: Why are we doing this?  We could be doing something a lot more fun together than talking, big guy.

Dean: Later.  This is important.

J: God, you’re the only person on this planet who can get away with calling me “Jon”, you know that?

D: That’s a good jump off question, actually.  What’s with you and names?  You have one that only I can call you, only your mom can call you by the first name, and everyone else it’s “Jonathan” or you bite their head off.

J: Not exactly true.  Mama can call me anything she wants, because she gave me the name, right?  But “Esteban” is special, she’s never called me by my middle name and it don’t sound right when anyone else uses my first name, so they don’t get to.  As for you, well, whenever I hear you say “Jon”, it gets me hot every time.  Reminds me of the first time you said it, when I was on my knees and…

D: Jonathan, not now.  We’re in public.

J: Yeah, I’m so sure these people are really objecting.  You can tell by the sound of the crickets. Anyway, my turn. Mr. Dean Winton, what was the first thing you thought when you saw me?

D: That you were the most beautiful thing on the planet.  And that I hoped I didn’t drop tzatziki sauce on my shirt because you were coming my way.

J:  I, um, damnit, Dean. I gave you a perfect opening to tease me about my ego, and you had to turn it around and make it sweet.  Bastard.

D: I love you too.

J: And now the audience might puke.  Ask the next question.

D: Why bellydancing?  

J:  It’s a hot guy magnet?

D: Jon…

J: Okay, okay, I’ll be serious.  Why bellydancing?  Because it looks awesome and it’s fun and I guess I’ve gotten so good at it that it’s in my soul, right?  I can’t even listen to music without thinking up ways to shimmy to the beat.  I look at clothes and wonder how I can cut them up and make them into costumes that flow.  It’s been my obsession for a damned long time.  My turn!

D: I don’t like the look in your eyes at all.

J: Relax, it’s a softball.  Before me, you spent a lot of time alone.  What’d you do for fun?

D: My right hand.  Occasionally my left.


D: Didn’t think I had that in me, did you?  Now close your jaw before you make me forget this interview entirely.  To answer your question, I spent my time working out, going to restaurants, reading, therapy, avoiding crowds.  Recovering.  You came at just the right time, when I was ready to join the world again.

J: You came at just the right time, too, you know.

D: I’m waiting for the obvious pun.

J: No pun, baby.  I think the timing was just right for us.  

D: You got that right.  Okay, last questions, because I really don’t think I can keep sitting here without touching you.

J: Hey, I suggested I sit in your lap while we did this interview, but you said I’d be “too distracting”.

D: What’s your biggest regret?

J: I don’t think I can talk about that yet.  Not my biggest regret.  It still hurts.

D: I’m so sorry.

J: No, you don’t have a god damned thing to be sorry about, baby. That was all my fuck up.  Shit, what’s the last question?

D: It’s yours.

J: Right, my question.  What do you hope folks get out of our story?

D: Wow, that’s meta.  I hope they get that no matter how much of a screw up or a failure you may think you are, there’s no getting away from love.

J: That sounds more like what I should be getting out of this.  So are we done?

D: Yep, so get over here.  My lap’s a little lonely.

J: About time, damnit.

Birthday Giveaway and Happily Ever After!

Hey guys!


Finally, this stupid week is over, which mean I had days…DAYS…to get ready for Gay Rom Lit.  I’m excited and terrified.


But first I gotta get through my birthday.  It’s on a writing day, and my sweetie is taking me to see Wicked so I’m all kinds of excited.  I still have one paperback copy of This Little Whatever…and no entries.

So, here’s the deal again; leave me a comment (or even an email at telling me your favorite thing about Fall and I’ll select one person and mail them this paperback.  If you’re also attending GRL, I can just bring it to you!  I’ve extended the due date to Wednesday, Oct 16th, so get those comments in!


Before GRL, and birthday, though, is another episode of Happily Ever After.  This Saturday we’ll be taking about Divide and Conquer by Abigail Roux and I for one am so excited!!! I’ll drop the direct link here on Saturday so you can join us live!


Have a Great Friday!

WIP It’s-Not-Friday; the “Nicole’s Been Sick” edition

Yeah, I know, I’m sorry.  I promised one every Friday and then I got a double whammy of allergies and a cold, because when my respiratory system hates me, it really hates me.  I skipped a couple of writing days while I recovered.


So, here’s a bit from All I Ever Wanted, the sequel to This Little WhateverNOTE: This is no guarantee that the scene below will make edits (mine or my editors), but I did write it with my own ten fingers, so that counts, yeah?


The nurse sighs. “Is there a reason why you’re not bathing? Do you want to talk to Dr. Spaulding?”


No, I did not want to talk to Dr. Fucking Spaulding. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t want to be here. I only did it because my friends, who I royally fucked over by not fucking dying, begged me to. It was damned hard to say no, looking at Lala and Jonathan’s red teary faces begging me to accept help.


I’ve never seen either one of them cry before. Way to suck, Patch.


I planned on doing the bare minimum until everyone just gave the fuck up and let me go to die in peace. The bare minimum did not involve showering regularly.


It also didn’t involve talking more than I had to. I curl up on the window sill, rested my head against the window and waited for her to go the fuck away.


She doesn’t. Fuck, she’s sitting next to me. Why? “I know it’s not easy, but I promise you if you clean up a little, you’ll start to feel a lot better.”


God, I fucking hate it when they talk to me like I’m a fucking child. I glare at her and snarled. “Fuck off.”


She didn’t look all that impressed. Then again, I probably don’t look all that impressive, skinny and smelly and tired. She’s probably dealt with worse.


“I tried to nice, but since you’re not going to be nice back, I won’t bother. Kid, you stink, and I’m this close to recommending we get orderlies in here to drag your ass outside and hose you down. The choice is yours.”

So, this morning…

I’m doing my morning Internet surfing thing, checking Twitter and this blog and then Tumblr, when I saw another author on Twitter talk about their standing on the Dreamspinner Press Bestseller list.  Well, I was very proud and happy for my fellow author and I clicked the link, which lead me to their Facebook page and the post.


I saw This Little Whatever.


The sound I made at that wasn’t remotely human.


If you’ve purchased your copy, THANK YOU.  Thank you so much!  I’m bowled over by how many people are giving a brand new author a chance on their bookshelves.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.