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WIP Wednesday 

I was yelling, and I heard the door open behind me. “Doctor, is everything alright?”

After a second, the door closed again. I didn’t even turn around, for all I knew, security was on their way to drag my crazy ass to solitary for making such a fuss.

Nothing happened, but Dr. Spaulding’s speaking. “From your friends, you have a lot of other talents that don’t involve sex. You juggle, there’s fire play, there has to be more.”

“That shit doesn’t keep you fed or warm. And who the fuck told you that, the guy I’d been fucking for a place to stay? HA! The only talents that got me anywhere were my dick and my mouth.” I clicked my tongue stud against me teeth like an exclaimation point to end my point. I didn’t want to make Jonathan look bad – he was good to me – but I had to get her to face facts. We both knew the score. No use in making it all nicey nice. I was a sex toy with legs who could eat fire.

And I didn’t regret a single minute of it.