WIP Wednesday!

But since I needed to get that balm on me, I didn’t say anything as he sat on the bed next to me. “Okay, this stuff stinks to high hell – I rub it on Dean’s shoulders when he goes overboard on the weights. But it’s good.”

He wasn’t kidding about the smell when he unscrewed the lid. It was like getting hit in the face with whatever made throat drops work. We both cringed, but Jonathan bravely scooped up some of the white cream and looked right at me. “We’ll start on the shoulder on this side, okay?”

Right, asking for permission before touching me. One of my boundaries that in the time I’d been living with the two of them, I had almost forgotten. I’d accepted shoulder pats and high fives and the one time Dean actually lifted me out of the way of Jonathan’s attempt to run the riding mower. All without a freak out. Maybe it was my good step.

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