Finding Time to Write

Normally I have scheduled two days a week to leave the house, head to the coffee shop, and write for about 2-3 hours: Wednesday and Sunday. This worked great when I was working, just take the bus a few blocks further and there I was during the work week and drive on Sundays.

Then fibromyalgia hit me like a truck and I couldn’t work anymore.  Oh boy, more time to write, right?

Wrong. See, I can’t write at home.  I can edit, I can go over edits, but I can’t write. First problem is my computer. It’s got too much distraction on it with my games and my Facebook and YouTube and stuff.  I use a laptop for all of my authorly stuff. Next problem is a lack of places to comfortably write.  I’ve tried writing on the back balcony and in bed and at a table in the office: none are very comfortable for long periods of time before my body just says “Stop or you’ll regret it.”

Then I go, “I already regret this.”

And it goes, “Touche.”

Add the cats who either want all of the pets or are at each others throats and I can’t get shit done. Never mind not being able to afford to pay the toll for spending so much time in the coffee shop: at least two drinks.

Okay, my partner started working from home on Thursdays. Perfect! Two days of driving a week.  It was awesome until the days of working from home changed to Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Two days that I usually have therapy.

Now I only have Sundays, which is why this damn novel is taking a million years to write. Trying to figure out how to eek in one more day, maybe even two is going to take some juggling.

But I’ll find a way.



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