Watching Your Baby Get Torn Apart

Editing is probably the worst part of the writing process for most writers.  For me, it’s promotion, because I can hardly believe anyone would want to read my stuff (hello impostor syndrome, how are you?).

But I’m gonna talk about edits, because no one wants to hear me moan about not feeling good enough.

It’s one thing to go through your own work, unable to believe you spelled ‘writer’ with two T’s and how the hell did you get “you’re” and “your” mixed up.  It’s another to think you’ve edited to the best of your ability – and have another person point out all of the wrong you missed.  And I don’t mean that my lovely and wonderful editors are being mean or anything, this is their job.  I mean that I’m shocked that I missed this and that and really, Nicole, really, how the fuck did that get there?

If I had enough ego, it would be quite bruised. But sometimes you have to suck it up and deal, because even though you’re watching your story, your baby, getting pulled apart, it will turn out to be the best it can be when it gets put back together.

That metaphor is terrible. But you get the point, right?

Now if I can only get an editor for my blog posts…


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