Piracy and Being Broke

It’s a fact of life that eventually the book you worked super hard on to write is going to end up on some jackhole’s site just giving away the pdf for free.

To call it frustrating would be a gross understatement.

By now, every reader knows the deal: Pirating books take away royalties from authors, it sucks, etc. and so on.  But hey, I’m broke, unemployed, and trying to get disability.  I haven’t purchased a book since, wow it’s been a while.  And I LOVE M/M stories and am a fool for audiobooks.

For me, that means reading free stories, and in some cases, not reading at all.  Given that I can’t read while I have a work in progress, this has been quite doable.

For others who are low in the cash department, I understand the temptation.  Just, for crying out loud, if you must, don’t get the books from these shitty sites.  Some of them are spoofs, some just want your info, some pdf files may just be viruses in disguise, and they just suck.  Ask a fellow reader who purchased the book, if you absolutely must. Sure I’ll be missing a royalty, but again, I’m broke and I understand and I’d rather miss one royalty and maybe gain a reader that might buy one of my books when they have the cash than…a lot of them thanks to these shitty sites.

If you can actually afford to buy a book, and pirate it anyway…then I’m kinda hoping that pdf is a virus.


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