Ollie’s Jock release day!!


Eee, I’m excited to announce that I’ve got a new release coming up tomorrow!!!

Torquere Press is releasing an anthology called Spinning the Top, a collection of tales where the very concept of “who’s the top” and “who’s the bottom” get turned on their heads and twisted into knots.  My contribution is a short tale named Ollie’s Jock. I posted a bit for my WIP Fridays, so here’s a steamier bit (but just a bit, it’s a shortie, after all):

Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact. “You know, I just wanted to say… you know… thanks for the help… with class. Got a B on the final.”

“Come on, Lawrence, you’ve thanked me quite enough. Of course you were going to pass.”

Larry’s pulse skipped a little at the use of his formal name, and his mantra failed as he looked into dark, teasing eyes. No one but his grandfather called him Lawrence anymore, but when Oliver used it, it reminded him of way more than oatmeal cookies and tobacco scented hugs.

No, Oliver’s scent was more cologne and product. And, when Larry was really good, come


More Details Here!


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