Is This Real?

So, last week, I was in bed with a back owie, heating pad, Advil, and kitty nearby, when I saw my royalty statement in the email.

I earned money. Enough people purchased This Little Whatever that I have like…money.

Thank you.  Thank you, everyone, for the almost 400 copies sold thus far.  My mind is still blown.  I still have to keep asking myself “Am I a real author now?” every step of the way; when I finished TLW, when I submitted it, when I got the contract, after each edit, when I saw the cover art, when it was released, when I got my paperback copies, when I saw them on sale on the table at GRL, when I signed a copy, when people came up to me and said they liked it…it didn’t feel real.

I’m not even sure if it feels real now. 

My point, is thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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