Super Cold WIP Friday: May the Burrs Be With You!

I am very much NOT looking forward to wandering outside to catch my bus for work.  Boo and Hiss.

But if you’re in a nice warm place, allow me to give you a little taste of some bedroom action to keep the heat!

Rafe nodded and I scooted down off him to kick off my pants and yank off his.  He rolled over on his stomach, bent over the bed, feet on the floor and spread, showing up that perfect ass.  


Like good boys, our hosts kept their lube in a bedstand.  Like weird hosts, they also kept a couple of things there that I never wanted to imagine either one using. I grabbed the bottle out and slammed the drawer close so fast that we both could hear the clink of metal.  


“What the fuck was that?” Rafe asked, unable to stop laughing as I tossed the bottle next to him and got on my knees behind his ass.  


“Do ya really wanna know what they get up to,” I asked, my mouth close to his thighs.  “Or do ya wanna know what I wanna get up to.”


“Balls deep, I hope,” Rafe moaned and reached back to spread his ass apart.  “Been practicing since I got back to the States.  I don’t need that much prep.”


That confession made me dizzy, imagining Rafe stretching his hole, thinking about when he’d have me again.  “Confident, ain’t we?”


“Hope springs eternal.”


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