Good morning WIP: More NaNo!


It’s been a neat week, I’m getting used to being a cat mom (oh holy fuck, so much cat hair everywhere), last week’s episode of Happily Ever After that I’ll be posting tomorrow right here, a friend introduced herself to M/M by reading (and reviewing!!) This Little Whatever, and there there was writing.

Here’s another very rough glimpse at another bit of All I Ever Wanted:

“He’s a regular superhero.” Avi declared. “You ready to be his Lois Lane?”


“What? Easy there, dude, I’m not getting into a frock. I wouldn’t carry it off as good as you do.” I added that last part quickly, so I wouldn’t earn his wrath.


Avi ran a hand through his bright red locks. “Damn right. Tucking that monster dick of yours would be a nightmare.”


“How’d you figure that? It’s not like I’ve been flashing it around you.”


“When you’re hiding it in those ghastly cargo shorts, anyone with eyes could tell not only are you packing, but you dress left.”


Okay, it was like he suddenly starting speaking Chinese or Yiddish and left me behind. “Dress left?”


That got me a sigh. “Your dick tends to hang to the left. Dress left. It’s useful when you’re being fitted for a suit to know which way you ‘dress’.”

“And you?”


“So left it points at Noam Chomsky.”


It was nice hanging out with Avi, as long as we avoided the subject of his lovelife. It was confirmed that he didn’t date or fuck around, but was always there for his friend Dr. Zay needed a date. Dr. Zay also didn’t date, being a doctor and running a large clinic took up a lot of his time already.


Okay, so maybe I didn’t bring it up because Dr. Carver arranged an externship with the small pharmacy in the clinic once I pasted the licensing test. Best not to piss off the best friend, right?


The house looked as pretty as ever, with only one thing not belonging there.


It was large and brown and old.


A van.

No, not just any van.




“Patch?” Avi shook me from where I’d stepped on the brakes halfway down the road. “Did you notice your phone flashing? You’ve missed some texts.”


Numbly, foot still on the brake, I took my phone out.


Kid, you gotta get over here, like now.


I’m SERIOUS, Patch. This is some shit.




Fuck, do you have your ringer off!?!!?


All from Jonathan, all in an hour span. Shit.


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  1. Lady, you’ve made me an utter fangirl of Patch. haha. So glad you’re writing this! Can’t wait!

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