WIP Friday: Family Reunion

People asked if Mama Carmen would make an appearance in All I Ever Wanted, and I wouldn’t dream of disappointing any of you!


Any other thoughts I had were interrupted by a black blur tearing out of the garage.


“Well, glad he remember clothes…” My driving companion wasn’t sitting next to me as I parked, leaving the door wide open and her hat on the seat as the two Mendozas collided together, Jonathan practically lifting the Carmen in to the air. Carmen kissed her son’s cheeks over and over again, and they both spoke so fast that I wasn’t sure if it was English or Spanish or some perfect meshing of the two.


Dean opened my door for me. “I’ll get her bags while they say hello.” If his smile got any bigger, his face would have split in half.


My chest ached hard watching the reunion. Damn, I’d never had that kind of hello from any kin of mine. It was wrong to be jealous, even a little, but I was going to be honest. It hurt.


I felt Dean’s hand on my shoulder, and his eyes were a little misty. “Thinking about your folks?”


“…yeah,” I confessed with a little sigh.


He nodded. “Me too. I’d kill for one more hug, you know. But,” he moved to the back to get the luggage. “I can live vicariously through them, yeah?”


I got up and helped by the tote bag, amazed at how it seemed that there was no one else in the universe but mom and son. Jonathan had his face tucked into Carmen’s neck, his shoulder shaking as she petted his hair and cooed at him.


“She’s telling him that she’s fine,” Dean translated. “I forgot she’s been sick for two years.”


“Come on,” I said, heading for the steps leading to the front door. “We could give ‘em some privacy, yeah?”


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