WIP Friday: All I Ever Wanted (yup, again!)



I’m terrified!


Well, I’ve been doing Nano for eight years, and this is my first year with actual writing expectations, so I’m going to make this yearly thing I do into motivation: I’m going to work on All I Ever Wanted this month!  Fifty thousand words should help me finish the fucker that I started last year.  I think.  I hope. If you’re doing Nano too, feel free to friend me at “jailaheyn” (It’s my old fanfic pen name, so…yeah…)


So, happy November, happy Nano, and here’s this week’s except!


Rafe nodded real slow. “That would explain the bottle of Zoloft in the bathroom.”


I covered my face and groaned. “Fuck, I thought I put that in the medicine cabinet this morning. I didn’t mean for you to see those. Didn’t want you to think I was this fucked up.”


“I’ll forgive you for thinking I’m enough of a jerk that I’d dump you for being on meds.” He extended a hand to me. “And I’m not going to dump you just because you went soft. You didn’t know, I didn’t know. And that whole ‘worth is in your ability to fuck’ bit is total bullshit. I liked you long before we got to this point.”


I couldn’t take his hand, because I wasn’t remotely finished yet. If he wanted to like me so much, he had to know it all before we got skin to skin ever again. “It’s all I’ve ever known.”


“How long have you known that? You’re not that much younger than I am.” He kept his hand out.


I closed my eyes, no longer crying. The room had gotten cool, and I crossed my arms in front of me, hugging myself, trying to get warm. The downside of being a skinny fuck and being sober all the time, I got cold too damn quick. This part was going to be tough, but I’d decided to spill, and I couldn’t talk about the daddy thing, so maybe if I told him everything else, I’d be forgiven.


“I had a whole lot of practice.”


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