WIP Friday: “Little Secret”

That title is more of a WIP than this story.  Sounds really dumb, yeah.  But I’m working on a short that I started at GRL that features one of my own little kinks, a twink top.  There’s something so hot about the little guy taking charge.  So…here’s a taste.

WARNING: It’s really, very raw

Oliver gave him a disdainful look and put the cup back on the table. “This place needs some decent booze. It’s like everything here is made for vomiting back up in a couple of hours.”

Larry shrugged, trying to look cool. “Hey, it’s a college party. They probably didn’t have Grey Goose in the budget.”

Oliver’s lips pursed for a few seconds before a fleeting smile crossed them. “Okay, you may have a point.”

“Where did your friends go?”

“To wait in line for a bathroom. The Coors Light apparently went right through them.”

“You know, I just wanted to say…you know…thanks for the help…with class. Got a B on the final.”

“Come on , Lawrence, you’ve thanked me quite enough. Of course you were going to pass.”

Larry’s pulse skipped a little at the use of his formal name.  No one but his grandfather called him Lawrence anymore, but when Oliver used it, it reminded him of way more than oatmeal cookies and kisses on his cheek.

Depends on which cheek you’re talking about, he thought.

“I’m just saying, you didn’t have to.” Now Larry knew he was blushing and hoped like hell no one else noticed.

Oliver did, he always did, and his smile grew broad and sexy and made it all worse. “Are you questioning my judgement, Lawrence?”

There was an edge with that smile, one that made Larry want to drop to his knees.  This was the tutor he was so drawn to.  His little secret.

He quickly shook his head, “No, no.  It’s not like I’m not grateful and…shit.”

That was when Oliver became kind and merciful, touching his shoulder as if the gesture cost him nothing.  As if touching a jock at a college mixer cost him nothing.  But that touch was like a blessing. 


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