WIP Friday: All I Ever Wanted!

Happy Friday you guys and gals!


In case you were wonder if our dear Patch-kid is going to meet a special someone, fear not! He’s got his issues to deal with around love and stuff, but fear not!


I spend that entire weekend distracted by thoughts of Mr. Rafe and his idea of a “date” that involved getting sweaty in ways I wasn’t completely familiar with, that is, with another person. The distraction didn’t mean I was gonna blurt it out to my nearest and dearest, though.  I’d learned a long time ago that some things, you have to keep close to your chest at first.

Well, except for Hallow.  He didn’t talk back or ask me to give gory details of my feelings, so he were safe, even when it felt like I was talking to myself out loud.

 “So, Rafe.  Hot, friendly, and way the fuck out of my league.  I got no fucking clue what to do with this guy at all.  Okay, I’ve got some ideas, but the mind the willing and the body is medicated.”  I’d been quite happy for that major side effect when I was up to 100 mg, one less thing I had to worry about while I was in the middle of recovering.

“He asked me to be his running partner.  I can do that, right?” Hallow poked his little snub nose out of my shirt, where he was keeping warm, like it was actually listening.  I felt the smooth scale slide against my skin and it was nice.  “It’s just that ‘date’ thing that throwing me off.  I ain’t the dating type, never saw the need for it, not in my game.  So, I’ll just run with him for now, see if he’s trying for some long game to get into my pants.  If that’s the case, well…”  

I didn’t know.  Normally, fucking was a means to an end, always had been for me.  But other than an ass tight enough to bounce a rock off of, Rafe didn’t have anything I needed that I could barter sex for.  Just thinking about it made me even more confused, so I decided to just see what happened. 


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