WIP Friday: All I Ever Wanted

See, I didn’t forget this time!


I was still so fucking angry.


“What happened to you wasn’t your fault. It’s alright to be upset, Patrick.” She tried again with the tissues and I snatched them from her and hurled them at the wall with a very satisfied smack. I liked her company, but I fucked hated that we talked about this shit. Nothing made me more pissed off than remembering the helplessness.


The throw got a glare from her. “But you can’t take it out on my Kleenex. Have you thought about taking up a sport?”


That shook me out of my rage-haze for a second. “What? Like fucking football or some shit?”


“Or running, or swimming. You told me you swam as a kid. Something that gets your body moving, gets you out of your head.”


I shook my head, because that just sounded ridiculous. Me, short and scrawny me, lifting more than my own ass? Please. “I know what happened wasn’t my fault. It never was my fucking fault. She wasn’t in the deal, she had no goddamned right, but she’s gone and I’ve got no fucking clue what to do with all this…this..” I dashed my hand over my cheek as it started to itch. “Fuck, I want to just tear her to pieces…” I didn’t even want to talk about the consequences of that Nightmare night, of birds and bees and sperm hitting an egg and just like that, I wanted something else to throw. Or maybe to just throw up.


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