Birthday Giveaway and Happily Ever After!

Hey guys!


Finally, this stupid week is over, which mean I had days…DAYS…to get ready for Gay Rom Lit.  I’m excited and terrified.


But first I gotta get through my birthday.  It’s on a writing day, and my sweetie is taking me to see Wicked so I’m all kinds of excited.  I still have one paperback copy of This Little Whatever…and no entries.

So, here’s the deal again; leave me a comment (or even an email at telling me your favorite thing about Fall and I’ll select one person and mail them this paperback.  If you’re also attending GRL, I can just bring it to you!  I’ve extended the due date to Wednesday, Oct 16th, so get those comments in!


Before GRL, and birthday, though, is another episode of Happily Ever After.  This Saturday we’ll be taking about Divide and Conquer by Abigail Roux and I for one am so excited!!! I’ll drop the direct link here on Saturday so you can join us live!


Have a Great Friday!


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  1. Just wanted to say you may not have replies because we already have your book. I know I do and loved it. Looking forward to many, many more.

  2. I love fall’s changing colors and cooler weather. Have fun at GRL!

  3. I love the fall because of the cooler weather, Halloween, my birthday, return to wearing sweaters, and did I mention the cooler weather?

  4. Football is one of my favorite things about fall.

  5. The weather in fall is perfect where I live! We get lots of Thanksgiving visitors.

  6. I can’t quite tell if I’ve missed your birthday or if it’s still coming up, but either way, happy birthday! If my birthday was in the fall, that’d probably be my favorite thing, but it’s the cooler weather and the fun of Halloween. I love seeing the costumes and sneaking tiny candy. Thanks for the chance to win your book!

  7. Happy Birthday, Nicole! My favorite thing about fall is the smells: apples and leaves and rain and pumpkin. So delicious. 🙂

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