WIP Friday: Little Earthquakes

Hi everyone and happy Friday!!

So , since I don’t want to lose your eyes and attentions, I blatantly stole an idea from a favorite author of mine and will be posting a sample from a work in progress – warts, mispellings and all  –  every Friday.  This works for me, since it’ll be two days after one of my major writing days and two days before my next one!

So, here goes:

Jae’s cell rang at him as he drove into town. He glanced at the device and was happy to see Tim’s name on the screen. Part of him worried after that first disaster of a night, he wouldn’t call back.


More than once, Jae considered losing the chance to see Tim again was a lot worse that having to postpone or even cancel the Wax Play 101 demo due to lack of a perfect sub.


After Tim left, Jae did some investigating of his own about Max Fielding. It seemed even after the court order and Tim’s complete withdrawal from the online BDSM community, people didn’t forget what had happened. Several blogs had the Dom on “Do Not Play” lists, and other subs had spoken out, got the same legal bullying, and didn’t back down. Tim had done some good by being the first, and Jae bet he didn’t even know it.


“Good afternoon, Sir,” Tim’s voice filled his left ear from the Bluetooth. Being called “Sir” eased his worries a lot. Tim wouldn’t call him that just to let him down easy, he hoped.


“Pet, how’s the leg?”


“I told you already, it’s fine. You asking me over and over again isn’t going to get it healing any faster.”


Jae chuckled. “Wishful thinking on my part.”


Tim didn’t sound upset at all. Good. “So, why the phone call? I left you a text.”


“I’m driving, on my way into town to meet with a new client.”


There was a pause and Jae swore he might had heard Tim swallow. “In a suit?”


The corner of Jae’s mouth curled up, turning his smile into a smirk. That tone of voice was clear. Tim liked him all dressed up. A lot. Good.


“Yes. It’s always a good idea to make a memorable first impression when meeting someone new. Don’t you agree?”


Another swallow, and then Tim’s voice was decidedly rougher. “You fucking tease.”


“You had to ask.” Jae hated to ruin the little flirting they had going on, but he had to get his new information out before they went any further. It had been obvious when Tim talked about his past that it still haunted him. Jae could give him this one bit of comfort. “So I did some digging…”


“On what?” Tim snapped out of their teasing very quickly. “Oh, Jae, you didn’t…please don’t tell me you looked ‘him’ up.”


“I did.”


“What, you didn’t believe me? After I looked you in the fucking face and told you? That’s pretty low, Jae.”


Jae nearly missed a Stop sign in surprise at the sudden bitter direction they were heading. “Tim, listen to me. I did it because I believe you and I wanted to see if that asshole did get away with what he did to you.”


“Really?” The amount of skepticism in that one word made Jae’s stomach churn.


“And yeah, it looks like people are getting the message. He’s on lists, subs are warning each other, even if he’s still in the scene. I know it’s not a perfect conclusion, having to leave your Dad and being drummed out of your community back home, but…”


Tim whispered so quietly that Jae had to stop talking to hear him. “…it’s more than I thought would have happened.”




“Yeah. I guess I just popped off too quickly. I’m sorry.”


Jae wished he’d saved this conversation for face to face. The way Tim sounded made him want to reach out and hold the man so badly. Not just as a comfort, but, and he had to admit it down to his very soul, but to protect. Tim should never sound this scared ever again. If he allowed it, Jae would make it so.


“Pet, don’t apologize. You’ve got every right to be upset about this. I just thought you could use a little closure. So, when can we see each other again?”


The abrupt change of topic did just what Jae wanted when he heard Tim’s sudden laugh. “I actually was calling about that very thing. I got Gloria to cover me Saturday night, and I was hoping you’d be free, so…”


“I’ll have the plastic down and the wax ready. Text me when you’re on the way.” The excitement from when the call started came back in full force, and Jae couldn’t help but imagine Tim at his feet once again. Shit, keeping his mind on the road was damn near impossible. Thankfully the client’s office was a block away and there were more than enough parking spaces. Ever the overplanner, Jae had reached the office with 30 minutes to spare.


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