The Music of This Little Whatever

Since Jonathan is a dancer, that kinda requires music, and there’s plenty mentioned in This Little Whatever.


Today, I’d like to share some of it with you!


“…and it didn’t matter because Anah had already started the CD that held the traditional Middle Eastern tunes every belly dancer knew…”


“…he had never heard of Van Canto or Covenant or Cruxshadows or any of the bands we swore allegiance to…”


“…I brandished a pair of metal spoke fans, each tipped with lit Kevlar, my hips flexing and writhing to the face-melting guitar shred of Metallica’s ‘Fuel.'”


“The spotlight moving with her off the stage was my cue to step from behind the curtain and into the dark, one arm up, the other down and pointing to the stage floor, feet ready for the first note of the song, “Black Wings of Hate” by Van Canto…”


“…I named her Marilyn because, you know, ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’? Well, okay, that and ‘Marilyn, My Bitterness’ is one of my favorite songs. Have you heard it before? The Cruxshadows are a pretty awesome band…”


“And then he had to break my little bubble of joy by moving his lips to my ear in time for the chorus, and sing along. Damn, he sounded better than in the shower.

‘All I’ve ever wanted, all I’ve ever needed is here in my arms….'”


I hope you guys enjoyed that little glimpse into the book.  These are some of my favorite songs as well, so I couldn’t help but give one character that little quirk!




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