Ends and Beginnings

In This Little Whatever, there is a relationship (duh), and it’s beautiful and awesome and I hope you enjoy it.  But while Jonathan and Dean are discovering the fits and starts of their relationship beginning, another relationship of Jonathan’s is ending.  Painfully. Right before his eyes.

Jonathan and his co-founder Rachel have been best friends for ten years.  They’ve moved around together, danced together, had as close of a connection one can have without the messiness of sex coming between them. Rachel hasn’t been so free in all her life, and Jonathan, thanks to moving around with his mother when he was a boy, never had a chance to settle down and make a close friend his own age. They both revolve around the carefree party nomad lifestyle and so far it’s worked for them.

Until Jonathan gets that voicemail from his mother.  And mortality hits him square in the face.

Jonathan goes into denial about it for a couple of months.  Rachel remains in that denial because it’s easier than realizing her friend is seriously hurting inside and there’s nothing she can do to fix it.  And so the rift begins.  They stop talking to each other.  They go through the motions for the sake of the dance troupe that depends on them functioning together.  In desperation, Jonathan reaches outside of “them”, and Rachel clings to the very idea of “them” always being together.

It’s almost like a long divorce, seeing a close friendship slowly die.


This Little Whatever is out now!


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