This Little Whatever: The Blog Tour!!

…and I thought writing this book was hard!  I gotta pimp it too?

Okay, confession time:  I’m really bad at talking myself up.  I agonize over writing an resume.  Job interviews terrify me.  I WISH I had half of Jonathan’s ego.

Thankfully, the community of M/M writers and reviewers are awesome people, and some have reached out to me, offering me spaces on their blogs and all that good stuff, so I am proud to present:

This Little Whatever: The Blog Tour!

September 4th: Zen gardening, insane cats and the written word

September 5th: Michael Rupured’s Blog

September 6th: Release Day!  Come back here for an exclusive deleted scene!

September 9th: The Purple Rose Tea House

September 10th: Attention is Arbitrary

September 16th: Brynn Stein’s Blog


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