First Time Author Jitters

There’s something really satisfying about telling someone you’re an author.  Even if they had no clue what your particular genre is about.

“What do you do?”

“Well, I open other people’s mail, and I’m a writer.”

The usual response (okay, other than wanting details about that whole “other people’s mail” thing) is some version of “Oh, what do you write?” or “Do you have a book out?”

Being about to actually ANSWER those questions still makes me giddy and I’ve only been an “author with a book coming out” since January. I feel like I’ve stepped into a strange new party and I don’t know the rules of etiquette.  What if I talk too much about my book?  What if I talk too little?  What if I use the wrong fork, spill my wine and step on the host’s toes while trying to dance?

Okay, that metaphor started to run away from me there.  Sorry.

What’s strange is that the closer I get to almighty release date for the very first time, that anxiety seems to matter less (this may change the week of, so I’m making no guarantee that I won’t spend that entire Friday twitching).  I’ve got good support at home, great authors I look up to giving me thumbs-up, and more than a few potential readers lining up to watch me go with the wrong fork in hand and a wine stain on my dress. 

Look out world, here I come!


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  1. edmondmanningmpls

    Go, Nicole! You kick those first-time author jitters ass!

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