Man, I suck at this whole “blog” thing

Note to self: If I post to the blog on the regular, I won’t find myself having to log in, only to realize that I’ve forgotten my password.  /note

It’s crazy, because so much is happening here in GOGOG Central.  I got my first round of edits for The Little Whatever in and checked over and added too and sent back, and THEN my Friday got massively improved by the art department getting in contact with me about the cover.  The cover, you guys.  I don’t know why this is a bigger deal to me than edits, but the cover just made this shit just a little more real, you know?

Yesterday was Pride here in the Twin Cities, and I wore my sorry self out walking and eating and looking and buying and drinking and just wallowing in the happy.  So much shit has happened in the name of queer rights with the November elections here in MN and the upcoming legal gay marriages, and the Supreme Court (who is still on my shit list for the VRA fuck up), released some good news about DOMA and Prop 8.  You could almost TASTE the joy.  Then I got home and broadcasted another episode of Happily Ever After, had an awesomely intelligent discussion about Amy Lane’s Bolt Hole and then got comment from Ms. Lane herself!  That almost makes up for the serious ugly crying I was doing after the show while trying to finish Forever Promised.  Almost.

And lastly, final edits are in for my LHNB story, so I should be hearing about when it will be in the release rotation soon and as soon as I know, so will you!


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