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So this week I got emails from Dreamspinner Press and about my contribution to the Love Has No Boundaries event, all about editing and stuff.  Soon I can say that I’m well on my way to being published.  Well, more than before.

Important writer lesson: I may have to break down and get MS Word finally.  I’ve been doing all right with Open Office so far, but edits are easier to convey with MS Word.  Joy.  Well, MS can’t make me get their most recent, so there!

In other news, I’m working on the third rewrite of All I Ever Wanted because my brain insists that a threesome is a great idea.  Fucking hell.  It’s like I’m desperately wanting people to read This Little Whatever and nothing else I write.

Lastly, because there are a few people actually reading this words, clear your calendars this Saturday, June 15th because the first episode of Happily Ever After will be hitting your YouTube!  What is Happily Ever After, you might be asking yourselves?  Well, I had this idea about a book club…on Google Hangout…talking about M/M romance, and after some time, I got some new buddies together, and we’re doing it.  First episode is this week, so I hope to see you at 8 PM CST (adjust to your time zone).  I’ll post the channel sometime this week!


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