Out in Wisconsin…

So, I really threw myself into trying to bump up that word count last week for two reasons.  One, because I needed the next two weeks to edit.  Two, because this weekend myself and Partner and our friends were driving up to an old farmhouse in Wisconsin (one of the friend’s family owns the place) to help plant pine trees and shoot various stuffed animals with said friend’s decent arsenal of firearms. We had a blast, I met my very first tick, had my very first tick freakout (oh god, bugs that aren’t spiders freak me out) and got to take out my preteen frustrations with Barney the Purple Dinosaur’s very existence (I’m the oldest of six, the youngin’s loved that giant goofy freak) with a .22 hunting rifle.

Even though we were in the middle of fuck you nowhere, I brought my tablet computer and banged out another scene in my college submission story, just to be on the safe side with the word count.  The whole works is currently a disjointed mess, but this week and the next I will be working daily on whipping it into as good of shape as I can get it.  This may be a daily sort of project.


I think I’m ready.



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