Writing Blitz Rundown 3/31/2013

Oh, the joys of trying to find parking when both the local coffee shop and your house are both near churches. And it’s Easter Sunday.

I managed and got the Love Has No Boundaries story first read and edited and I even have a tentative title for it; Just a Glimpse.

*Insert cheers of joy for spelling “glimpse” correctly the first time finally since I started this story*

It’s a short story for sure, about 7,000 words, but it was literally the story that popped out of my brain, a short, cute little tale with a touch of the paranormal.  I hope it’s well received, or at least not utterly hated.

I’m going to post Little Earthquakes on FictionPress one chapter at a time, and I think with both of those shorties down, I can get back to the albertross that is All I Ever Wanted. I’ve some time before I start getting edits back from it’s previous book, so I really need to get it out of my head and on pixels, but I’ll be damned if the stupid plot keeps wriggling away from me whenever I try to nail it down.


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