So, Niki, whatcha writing?

Well, I have one finished novel titled “This Little Whatever” that I’ve sent out to a publisher that I’m going to call “Publisher Number One”.  I spent a good year on this book, and I’m already rewriting the sequel, so I hope I’ll be able to say that I’m a published author of a series.  It’s been about six weeks since I sent my little baby bird of sweat and tears out into the big scary world, and you know what that means?

Time to obsessively check my author email over and over and over and over and over again until I hear something!  Yay!

Well, if you’re reading these words and wish to liven up my email list with anything, my addy is  Send me words of encouragement, funny jokes, pictures of hot male porn stars, or funny words of encouragement on a picture of a hot male porn star, to make the obsession worthwhile.

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